Why Smartphones have Pre Installed App?

Hi Again, You might have noticed in your newly smartphones many pre installed apps are shown in the menu. The question in our mind What they are? What the use of that app? And we also try to delete them for increasing more space but we can’t. So in that blog, you will know whole knowledge about pre installed app.

pre installed app

What is Bloatware? Bloatware apps are unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer. Bloatware use more memory, disk space or processing power, or have higher hardware requirements.

Recently I asked Google “Why these apps are Pre-installed on my Phone”?

I found the answer, it come pre-installed on your phone by manufacturers And You Can’t able to delete them! You discover a bunch of weird apps such as in — Swiftkey, Talkback, Samsung Galaxy Store, Weather app, Antivirus, Deep clean app, Samsung TouchWiz or HTC Sense. 

pre installed app

What is bloatware apps?

It is used for promoting the app through Smartphone. Android phone makers, who are faced with microscopic profit margins and a shortage of their own software expertise. The Bloatware term is used for smartphone apps that are locked by the vendor. Some known vendors are Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, etc.

Moreover, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and other Chinese Smartphone company have lots of Bloatware to promote the ads. Unlike these brands, Sony does have one of the least amounts of bloatware there is in any smartphone. However, Sony’s value down due to the Chinese market in India, also Worldwide. Now the least amount of bloatware is also there on all the Nexus and the Moto devices too.

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Consequently, there are other phones also there that have Stock Android, so have a look at them to make your final buying decision, but if you want a phone with the best camera performance and stock android combined.

Least Bloatware Smartphones

As I said earlier, Most of the smartphone has a pre-installed app which is added by manufacturing company as sponsored or promotional apps. If you are looking for an Android phone which has zero bloatware or preinstalled apps then I suggest you go with stock android phones.

Google’s Pixel phones run on stock android. Google Pixel comes with zero bloatware apps, you will get a fresh user interface. Moreover, Nokia smartphones also run on stock android It also claims two years of OS and three years of security updates.

Also, As per Input magazine, the OnePlus will no longer come with pre-installed bloatware in its OnePlus 8T.

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