Why is SEO so Important for a Website?


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Our favourite search engine, Google, executes more than 5 billion searches per day because we all need answers; and obviously, there is no one more efficient and smarter than our designated search engine. Whether you are looking for a place, person, product, recipe, song, explanation, service, life hacks, or tips, someone will definitely tell you to ‘Google it’ (or perhaps ‘Yahoo it’ or ‘Bing it’) if it’s not the first thing you do yourself. 

Search engines are not all-knowing beings that magically spell out everything. They are in fact powerful machines that integrate the most advanced form of artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms. Therefore, they are able to bring up relevant and useful data on every topic you can imagine. If a restaurant shows up in the top suggestions of Google, you can bet that their food is good.

Similarly, a lifestyle blog that appears on the first page is certainly more credible and popular than those on the second or third page. 

When you type a query in the Google search bar, you are likely to obtain thousands of results, which are websites hypothetically offering the answer you seek.

You shall probably find your answer in the first link, but you might check a few more for confirmation or further explanation. Now let us assume that you are a travel blogger who writes about different travel tips and hacks. You are going to have many competitors on the World Wide Web, who may provide very similar information.

Now you want users to prefer your website over theirs, so what do you do? You implement the best SEO practices to snag the top spot in search engine results. 

SEO experts say that if you want to hide something where nobody can find it then just leave it on the second page of search engine results. Statistics show that only 5% of users go beyond the first page.

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First page results are subject to the highest click-through rate; more clicks mean greater views, and greater views mean more sales or subscribers. The click-through rate does not remain constant throughout the first page, i.e. the higher you go, the better.

The first organic result usually has a click-through rate of 35% or more and this rate drops down to under 10% by the third enlisted website.

Securing 1st place in Google’s top search results is not an easy task, and many small businesses feel like they shouldn’t even bother. However, anyone can own a place on the first page with the right SEO strategies.

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SEO Marketing

Search engines are unbiased when it comes to generating organic results, as it specifically grades websites on the quality and quantity of content they have to offer. One shortcut to earn the top spot in SEO Marketing entails paid ads. If you want to generate maximum traffic in a short time, you reserve the top position by paying for it. 

The most glorious position on the first Google result page is the ‘answer boxes’ or ‘snippets’ on the top. These appear when a website can offer a precise answer to your query, so you shall not have to look any further. Getting featured in an answer box or snippet is an honour and it provides tremendous exposure to your website.

Search engine optimization cannot be mastered overnight, i.e. it requires commitment and consistency. You cannot just sit back and relax even after you have made it to the top; neglect your webpage for a few weeks, and somebody else will replace you.

A website void of SEO has low authority and receives minimum traffic if any at all. Its overall performance is poor, and so is its ranking. 

John Adams
John Adams
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