What is “Podcasts”? | podcasts in India

Podcasts in India

What is “Podcasts?

The podcast is a series of spoken, audio episodes, often focused on a particular topic or theme, like cycling or startups.  Podcasts are “On Demand” and can be listened to on your schedule — not when a Radio Station decides to air it. Scroll down to know Podcasts in India.

Podcasts weren’t initially known as “Podcasts” until the words “iPods” and “broadcasts” were combined to create a new term. You can subscribe to the show with an app on your phone and listen to episodes.
Podcasts in India

Episodes are also normally run by one or two regular presenters, talking about a particular subject, and they’ll often get outside guests on to contribute.

A lot of podcasts are really simple, just a few friends chatting about something that they’re all into, but some are very professional, including theme music, sound effects, professional editing and more.

 10 Popular Indian Podcasts (Podcasts in India)

1. “The Inspiring Talk” – Bijay Gautam

Podcasts in India
“The Inspiring Talk”

2. “Maed in India”

“Maed in India”

3. “Trial By Error – The Aarushi Files”

“Trial By Error – The Aarushi Files”

4. “All India Bakchod”- Tanmay Bhat


5. “History of India” – Kit Patrick

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“History of India”

6. “The Indian Startup Show”

“The Indian Startup Show”

7. “Bollywood With Miss Malini”

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“Bollywood with Miss Malini”

8. “Cyrus Says”

“Cyrus Says”

9. “Entrepreneurs India Postcast – Jai Aenuga”

Podcasts in India
“Entrepreneurs India Postcast – Jai Aenuga”

10. “Our Last Week”

“Our Last Week”

Best Podcast Listening Apps 

  • RadioPublic
  • Pocket Casts
  • Castbox
  • Podbean
  • Stitcher
  • Laughable
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Spotify
  • HubhopperHeadphones

What Makes a Good Podcast?

Create better titles
Content must be effective 
Be authentic and unique
Sound quality should be clear
Seek for the best guests
Don’t overload with information

So, if you’re a fan of the radio show, you can subscribe to the More or Less podcast and episodes are delivered to you each week. That means you can listen to them any time, rather than be stuck to the radio at the same time each week.

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