What are the Features of Android One?


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Android One is a near-stock version of the Android operating system released by Google. However, It could not be altered by companies that manufactured the phones and it is a more stable OS.

It comes without any of the stuff that manufacturers like to bundle in – no skins, no duplicate apps, and no additional services. That means no pre-loading Microsoft Office or Facebook app, no additional news apps, and no changing the keyboard.

Moreover, The phones are optimized for Google Assistant, so you can use Google’s helper to hail a ride, text a friend, and do all the things you can do with Assistant on other devices. Go here to learn more about Google Assistant and how it works on mobile devices. It’s a powerful service that keeps getting better all the time.

features of android one

 The brand promises regular security updates for three years, and Operating System updates for two years. It is designed with a clean and easy-to-understand user interface. 

Features of android one

1. Two years of OS upgrade

The best feature of Android One devices is as they are got updates at least two major Android versions as soon as they are launched. 

2. Three years of Security updates

Also, android one is eligible to receive software updates for two years. It also provides essential monthly security updates.

3. Reduce Power usage

Unlike other smartphones, Android smartphones do not attach to any UI. so it is free of any bloatware or customization. Users like it but not all because they can’t customize the phone. Android is an open-source system, the manufacturers are free to develop their custom skins and add them themselves UI.

As your phone becomes old, the custom skin slows your phone down and increases RAM usage. With stock Android, this is not a problem at all, it consumes less RAM, and as more RAM is available your phone runs smoothly. Really, there are great features of the Android one.

4. High-quality Hardware
5. Play Protect activity
6. No bloatware

Sometimes manufacturers add extra apps and services to promote their company or the partner company. But with Android One software, there is no bloatware installed. Therefore you also get more space to use, which you can use to install your favorite apps. Android One smartphones are free of all these to offer the best Android experience possible.

7. Google Assistant Built-in
8. Stock Android experience

How to know if the smartphone is an Android one?

Smartphones are labeled back by Android One means it is running as Android One Stock.  Further, They have limited restrictions of running some apps or unlike custom ROMs (you can call it OS) The OS is not loaded with extra apps, we call them bloatware.

features of android one


Best Android One Smartphones :

  • Nokia 2.2

  • Nokia 3.1

  • Nokia 4.2

  • Nokia 6.1 Plus

  • Nokia 7 Plus

  • Nokia 7.1

  • Nokia 8

  • Nokia 8.1

  • Nokia 8 Sirocco

  • Nokia 9 PureView

  • Motorola One Vision

  • Motorola One Power

  • Xiaomi Mi A1

  • Xiaomi Mi A2

  • Xiaomi A3
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