Six Leading UI Design Trends To Follow In 2022


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In the age of technology, interfaces are often regarded as secondary things. They do their jobs and make sure we see nothing but a beautiful background picture while doing it. But what if I told you that there is more to a user interface than meets the eye? As the future of technology gets closer and closer, companies all over the world have been preparing for it in every way they can. Some have been innovating with new products while others have been anticipating how their old ones will coexist with upcoming technologies.

In this article, I’ve gathered six UI design trends that could mark our future digital experiences using functional yet creative elements. By 2022 everyone might be designed like this so keep an eye out for them!

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1. Emotional design

Contrary to popular belief, authentic-looking stock photography isn’t good enough anymore; people want to see real emotions like happiness, wonder, or excitement captured in photos, touchscreens, or videos. Take the example of Google’s Material Design (MD) guidelines where one page showed an actual user taking a photo of a waterfall, while another showed a group of people running with big smiles on their faces.

The same principle applies to your app’s UI design where you need to not only convey the right message but also create an emotional connection with the user. You can display some values or qualities that have been associated with your brand in the past through different media formats and deliver them to your target audience.

In addition, add dynamic elements like images and videos where possible so they resonate well with users by conveying that this is indeed a place where people can connect or share feelings of happiness and excitement for example.

2. Split Screen Design

We’re already seeing split-screen functionality on smartphones which would eventually spread its wings into desktop screens too over time as the technology evolves. There are many ways in which this functionality can be utilized across different devices. For example, users can have their emails displayed on one screen while they work on their laptops on the other. Split-screen design is likely to play a huge role in shaping up future UI designs so it’s best to get accustomed to this function if you haven’t figured it out already.

3. Metaverse

Metaverse is the concept of creating an alternative world where all of our desires can come true. People’s behaviour on the internet shows that they are always looking for some kind of new adventures or surprises or even something unbelievable, especially on social media websites where most people have hundreds and thousands of followers just because of their interesting lives which attract people towards them due to which they want these kinds of lifestyles too without worrying about anything else.

So basically metaverse is nothing but another virtual reality created by humans where every person can do whatever he likes and become anyone they want.

Metaverse is simply another word for the ‘Internet of Things. This implies that all your connected appliances like your refrigerator, TV set, or even alarm clock will be able to communicate with each other through the internet at some point in 2022. This way, when you buy something online, you can choose to have it delivered automatically to your home. You can also ask your smart fridge to download a list of grocery items that you need to shop from the nearest grocery store.

Today, “metaverse” refers to the collective virtual space where people can interact with each other in a virtual world. But by 2022, it will likely be used in reference to an augmented reality platform that is integrated into our lives, thanks to smart glasses or contact lenses.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

Another development in UI Design trends is the use of augmented reality (AR). This trend makes it possible for users to interact with digital information and images in real-time by integrating virtual components into their physical space via smartphones, tablets, glasses, etc. Google Glass eyewear is an example of a form of augmented reality that has been used on the consumer market since 2013.

In recent years many companies have started using AR on a more regular basis such as iStaging which allows people to buy furniture online then place it in their home virtually before purchase so they can see what it will look like in real life before buying anything.

Augmented Reality (AR) as UI design trends is one of the most innovative ways to give power to your users for interacting with products and services through their smartphones. By offering an improved shopping experience, retailers have already started using AR technology in their stores by setting up virtual dressing rooms or fitting rooms. Customers can easily try out different outfits without actually visiting the fitting room or store themselves. Now, all they need to do is hold their smartphone over the particular outfit before buying it online.

5. 3D Elements Over Photos

Have you ever wanted to virtually decorate your living room with beautiful furniture before actually splurging on them? If yes, then 3D elements over photos are the design trend meant just for you. Designed as a great visual tool to help online shoppers make better purchasing decisions based on realistic product views, this feature is found more commonly on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest than on websites.

3D elements will soon begin to replace the old 2D imagery that we have been used to for years now. Hence, it’s time you brush up on both your Photoshop and Illustrator skills! 

6. Dynamic Color Palettes

In 2022, devices won’t be limited to a static set of colours and will instead read and recognize your emotional state. Imagine a scenario where your phone is bright red when you’re in a bad mood, but turns green when you’re excited about something! Pretty cool right?

It’s an old story now, but it still remains true: most brands stick to one or two colours for their entire brand identity. However, most successful e-commerce businesses know that having a dynamic colour palette can help them do wonders in sales conversions!​

The same colour that looks bright and optimistic in the morning can look harsh and aggressive in the afternoon. This is where dynamic colour palettes come to play. Ideal for designers working with multiple people, this technique allows them to change the colours of elements on a website or app based on factors such as time of day, season, mood, etc.

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UI design is the key to success in this fast-paced industry, but there are always new trends and changes coming along. 

The UI design trends for 2022 are as follows, so it’s important to stay on top of them or else you might end up being obsolete in this fast-paced industry. You should pay attention especially if your job involves creating websites with an eye towards aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness because these will be some key points that set apart successful digital products from their counterparts relying solely upon content alone.

And when it comes time to design your website, hiring an experienced web developer is key. With Pixel Street- A Web Design Company in Kolkata, you can never go wrong with our services because we provide high standards through every step of this project from initial consultations up until providing clients with their fully customized sites at affordable prices!

Khurshid Alam
Khurshid Alam
Khurshid Alam is the founder of Pixel Street, a web design company. He aspires to solve business problems by communicating effectively digitally. In his leisure, he reads, writes, and occasionally plays a game of table tennis.

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