Uber Clone: Integrate Features into Your Taxi App


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Competition in the ride-hailing industry is rising at lightning-fast speed. It’s getting fierce day after day. App developers are working around the clock, brainstorming about what “unique” can they offer to the users.

Are you one of the entrepreneurs or app developers who want to build an out-of-the-box taxi booking app? Do you want your users to get stunned the first time they use the app?

If you are gently nodding to all these questions then, this blog is meant for you.

Without drowning deep into the figures and facts, let’s learn the top features you need to integrate into your Uber-like taxi app.

Incorporate these features in your on-demand app and outrank your competitors. Additionally, provide extraordinary ride-hailing experience to your app users, and make huge sums of money in the process.

So, let’s begin.

1. Route Optimization

A taxi app’s route optimization feature helps the system automatically calculate the most efficient and the best route to reach the user’s destination quickly. The system considers various factors when finding the best route for the taxi driver, including

  • Real-time conditions
  • Distance from current location
  • Possible road closures

Thus, considering the above-mentioned factors, the system finds the fastest route.

It’s essential to integrate the route optimization feature because it helps the Uber-like app to improve overall customer service by minimizing the rider’s travel time.

Also, showing the taxi driver the fastest and less congested route also helps to reduce fuel consumption. Thus, allowing drivers to increase the number of trips they complete within the given fuel capacity and timeframe.

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By providing drivers with optimized routes, taxi app businesses can improve their services, reduce the rider’s wait times, and enhance their operation’s efficiency.

Route optimization also helps taxi drivers navigate unfamiliar areas easily and avoid heavy traffic, leading to happy customers and more money-making.

2. Heat View Map in Taxi Driver App

The Heat View Map helps the taxi driver determine the areas with high, moderate, and low demand for taxi rides. The color-coded and visually represented information makes it easy for drivers to look for areas with higher chances of landing ride requests.

Usually, the intensity of the colors symbolizes the level of taxi ride demand. For instance, red (warm color)may represent high demand, while orange (mid-warm color) represents moderate demand. Blue (cooler color), on the other hand,  indicates lower taxi demand.

The feature is an essential part of your Uber-like taxi app. How? Well, it’s because the Heat Map View feature allows drivers in the following ways:

Helps identify areas with high taxi demands

As explained, the visual representation of the taxi ride demand on the map in various parts of the region helps drivers find areas with high demand. Thus, it enables them to drive to the location, quickly find a trip, and earn money.

Earn more money

When booking taxis, riders often pay surge charges if they request a ride during high-demand or peak hours.

Thus, using the Heat View Map, drivers can identify such areas, offer services at a surged price, and make more money on the trips.

3. ETA & Trip Detail Sharing

Integrate the feature of sharing ride details in your user’s taxi booking app. This is a very useful feature for the riders.

Picture this –  you are traveling from the Airport to your home late at night. Won’t it be better if your friends or family can track your ride from start to end? Or at least they have details of your booked taxi, driver, and the ride?

The feature allows riders to share the details of the taxi driver, vehicle, and ride status with their loved ones. Therefore, they can travel with a peaceful mind knowing someone they trust has all the ride details and will promptly get help in case of emergencies.

The person (with whom the rider shares the details) can also see the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the ride from pick-up to the drop-off location.

4. Allow Users to Add Multiple Stop-over Points

Multiple stop-over points or multiple destination features are again, one of the most important features of your Uber Clone app.

The feature comes in handy in situations when the rider needs to take stops en route from their pick-up point to the destination.

Using the feature, riders can add the locations/addresses where they want to take a stop. For the time, the rider is running the errand, the taxi driver pauses the trip.

Also, for an extended waiting time, the rider may have to pay extra charges to the driver.

Besides, some of the other perks of integrating the multiple stop-over point feature are:

  • It eliminates the need for riders to book multiple trips at the same location.
  • Riders can easily plan out their journey while running errands.
  • It helps the taxi driver from the hassles of making unnecessary detours.
  • Helps to improve your rider’s satisfaction, ultimately, earning you more taxi bookings.

5. In-app Calling and Messaging

When developing an Uber Clone app for your taxi business, make sure you also incorporate the in-app calling and messaging feature.

These features will help your rides and drivers to communicate effectively, reducing confusion, and delivery of better service.

The best part is that while calling or messaging the other party via the app, the personal phone numbers of either party are not displayed on the screen.

Therefore, the privacy of the rider and the driver remains intact.

Final Words:

It is important to add features to your Uber Clone taxi app. However, it certainly isn’t right to stuff it with all the features you may not even need.

Therefore, keep your end-user in mind when incorporating the features into your taxi app.

Choose to add advanced features that help you beat your competitors and win the market.

It is always great to get expert advice. So, if you are determined to create a profitable app, get in touch with expert app developers who have already launched several on-demand taxi apps around the world.

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