2 Reasons Why Tata Motors Share News Trends Today?


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Why do Tata Motors Share News trends on Google?

The following two reasons behind trends of Tata motors Share News are :

The first reason for trends of Tata motors Share News is Morgan Stanley prediction price on Tata Motors.

After Morgan Stanley upgrades the target price (₹448) of Tata Motors share, then the price of the share increased by 12%.

Second is, Tata Motors has become an outlier in the passenger vehicle(PV) industry, posting growth in sales every month even as its competitors are forced to shut production to parts shortages. The Mumbai based company is running its PV plants in double shifts following strong demand.

The price of share climbed to its new 52-week high of ₹376.50 apiece and became the second most Nifty-50 gainer today. The market cap of that stock is 1,25,010 Cr.

Tata Motors is the biggest automobile manufacturing company in India with an extensive range of passenger, commercial and defence vehicles in its portfolio.

Why does Tata motors Share News trending since few months?

Tata Motors shows a signal in the E-vehicle segment. We all know automobile companies are moving towards electric vehicles. Tata Motors is one of the best stocks in the Automobile sector which is bullish for few months.

Bloomberg Quint reports said

In a bull case, Tata Motors reaches zero net debt by 2024, while India passenger and commercial vehicle multiples go close to peers, driving about 84% upside, the report said. “Our base case assumes Rs 158 billion (Rs 15,800 crore) net debt by FY24.”

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Does Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holdings in Tata Motors?

As per the shareholding pattern of Tata Motors for Q2FY22, Big Bull owns a 1.14 per cent stake in Tata Motors. The value of the share is around Rs 1285.40 cr, according to Trendlyne.

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