Key Techniques and Tips to Switch Kick In Muay Thai


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Muay Thai, commonly known as the Thai boxing style is one of the most dangerous boxing styles. Just a few years ago, muay Thai was the only style that was banned from global tournaments, and people who were practising muay Thai were very few. People in Thai boxing had a very bad reputation making it very difficult for them to represent themselves globally. Muay Thai is a boxing style where you use your limbs to strike your opponent. The limbs are used in a way that your hands, arms, shins, legs, and feet are not only used for the attack but also for defence.

The fighter is taught to use his 8 limbs strategy to strike the opponent at full speed making him bleed. Since it is a bloody boxing style, most people would get extremely injured and give up. On the contrary, it was mainly used in street fights where there were no rules. However, later on, muay Thai was polished as a global sport just like MMA, wrestling, or BJJ, and the rules were made very strict so the fighters would not face any serious damage.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai shares its basic techniques with boxing and other combat style but one thing that mainly makes it different from other styles is that it uses the whole body yet it is a boxing style. You will be using your powerful punches but the idea is to use kicks as well. Throughout the boxing, you will use various kicks and punches with full force to attack your opponent. Within muay Thai, there are so many different kick styles. These styles mainly include Low Kick, Straight Foot Jab, Switch Kick, Diagonal Kick, jumping Kick, Round Kick, and Push Kick. Each kick has its significance and it is used for various reasons.

With the help of this article, we will mainly discuss the use of switch kicks. We will talk about it various variations along with the techniques. We will also talk about some of the expert tips that every beginner must know about before getting into muay Thai practice.

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Things to Keep In Mind When Using Switch Kick

  • There is no hard and fast rule about the use of switch kicks. It will depend on the situation, you can use it in any fight and then you can master the technique later however there are a few things that every beginner must know before learning and practising the switch kick technique.
  • Muay Thai is a very aggressive game and switch kick is mostly used when you feel that the game is going very fast pace and getting very aggressive. When you feel your opponent rushing in at full speed, a switch kick will be very helpful.
  • You need to have full control over your body so that you can switch your feet very quickly. Since switch kick requires you to switch your feet, you cannot be slow so work on the speed first.
  • While switching your feet you need space so nothing can hinder your movement. For this, you need to have a stance that favours your movement. Make sure to keep your feet apart at least shoulder width for easy movement.
  • While using a switch kick do not show the stance before your start it. This kick has a very obvious use because it can shock your opponent, however, if you use it without thinking your opponent might be able to predict which will not result well for you.
Muay Thai

How to Make Your Switch Kick Dangerous

When you practice muay Thai try to use full-body training so that you can have full command over your body. This will help you reduce time and you will also be able to reduce the chance of injury. Although switch kick in itself is very dangerous because of the surprise factor however there are a few tips to make it even more dangerous:

  • Try to have full command over the movement of your feet so you can switch them up easily
  • As your switch, your feet, switch your hips for more power
  • Rather than jumping up so much o switch the legs, stay level so your opponent cannot notice
  • Do not balance yourself on your feet rather try to jump on the ball of your feet for better stability and speed.
  • Try to swing your arms as you move
  • Try to exert full energy while you switch and this will give you a posture like you are humping the air. With the help of this technique, you will have swift movement.
Muay Thai

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, you need to learn about the technique of every kick and then see which one will suit you the best according to the situation. Most people master one technique and they keep applying it in all domains and all styles. The idea is to polish your skill and adjust everything according to the situation. With continuous practice and the right strategy and planning, you will be able to learn a lot and deal with all conditions, and this will help you not only become better in muay Thai but you will also be able to practice safe techniques

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