5 Big Samsung Smartphone Problems that Users are Facing

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Is it reasonable to buy Samsung smartphones? or Should we buy Chinese smartphones? Samsung fans especially read the whole blog before buying Samsung smartphones.

However, it’s also true that Galaxy devices are not free from problems, ranging from mildly annoying ones to infuriating ones. The mid-range phones kind of look the same, and when we try some phones from the M-Series or A-series. We feel like these are the same phones with different display sizes and overall form factors, with some changes in hardware only. Apart from that, every Samsung user faces these Samsung smartphone problems.

If you visit the Samsung service centre, more than 90% of users will complain about the display. They also said, “I will never buy a Samsung smartphone again”. It’s a reality, you can also survey that.

Samsung pays the money to YouTubers or bloggers for promoting only Samsung smartphones. We just want to aware the customers, We have collected all this data from the user, amazon reviews and testing of smartphones. Survey says 40% of current Samsung owners won’t buy Samsung again.

Don’t forget to read the worst things about Samsung Galaxy phones, which will change your mind.

Samsung Smartphone Problems

1. Problem with Camera

Today, everyone wants to take a photo just like a DSLR camera clicked but many of us can’t afford to buy a DSLR camera. If you go and buy a DSLR, a zoom lens and a macro lens, it gets quite expensive. It’ll be around 1.5 – 2 lack rupees.

Although, a lot of photographers also look down on smartphone cameras, especially beginners. Most smartphone companies are working hard on camera hardware and software as well but Samsung disappoints the users by providing a lagging process while clicking shots, unsatisfied day night photos and image pixels also blurred. Samsung users also complain that camera quality decreases after some time.

If you have a Samsung smartphone, you must’ve noticed how it tends to overdo the processing, making your images look fake. This big issue of smartphones is more notable in mid-range and budget Samsung smartphones.

In comparison, photos from other smartphones look more natural, and consistent, and are never over-processed. No matter what Chinese smartphone you buy, you can rely on its camera system.

2. Fingerprint Sensor Issues

You might have noticed that Samsung budget smartphones take too long time to unlock by fingerprint scanner. Sometimes fingerprint sensor does not work properly. Most of the users even claim that the phone just refuses to register fingerprint due to said skin abnormality.

Even once registered, some mid-range Galaxy phones take too long to read your fingerprint and unlock the lock screen. This is very inconvenient since you’d have to struggle to unlock your phone every single time.

3. Battery Issue

Out of many smartphone companies, Samsung smartphones take too much time for full charging. It has the slowest charging speeds in comparison to other smartphones.

4. Display Issue

Samsung Galaxy phones are known for their AMOLED display screen. They have a sharp, bright, colour-rich, providing a butter-like display.


The truth is many users either experience a blank, the black screen even phone is fully charged, the touch screen stops responding or a black spot appears on the screen. If you have newly bought a Samsung smartphone, please take care of the display, and avoid falling on the floor because the display of Samsung is very sensitive, it stops working even after a single fall. Samsung phones also seem to suffer some slow down at an earlier point.

Following Samsung Smartphone problems keywords searching

Samsung Smartphone Problems

A common problem that every Samsung user is facing

1. Blank Screen

This is a very common problem in all Samsung smartphones. Customers are facing issues after one year of buying a phone.

2. Unresponsive Screen

An unresponsive screen is also faced by most users of Samsung. In this issue, the Screen touch stops working.

3. Dead pixel

When black spots are formed, it starts spreading on the phone screen.

Samsung care person suggests replacing the screen. We all well know that the display folders of Samsung phones are too expensive. The price of Samsung displays really too high. Instead, replace the display, people choose to buy a new smartphone.

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