Nvidia Hacked: Stole Company Data During Cyberattack


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Nvidia on Tuesday disclosed that hackers had stolen company data in a cyberattack last week and that it expected selective financial results from the breach, which it said wasn’t contained to the company’s finances but also included things like research and development efforts. In this blog, you will know about how Nvidia hacked?

The announcement from Nvidia came hours after Bloomberg reported the breach, citing people familiar with the situation. In its statement Tuesday afternoon, Nvidia added that it expects an unrecoverable loss of revenue due to the theft of proprietary data as well as damages relating to the violation of our contract manufacturers’ intellectual property (IP).

What exactly was stolen?

It’s not yet clear what exactly was stolen from Nvidia. In an official statement, a spokesperson for Nvidia said, Recently, there have been claims that a Tesla computer system was compromised by an employee who had improper access to our proprietary information.

We are investigating and will share more information as we learn more. Though it’s still unclear what information may have been stolen—which has spurred fears of data breaches at other car companies—it seems that highly-sensitive company secrets may be safe.

How can this happen?

It is unclear exactly how hackers managed to access Nvidia’s servers. However, we know they obtained data and information on contracts with partners such as Apple. This attack is yet another example of why companies need a secure system in place that protects sensitive data, whether they are working with a public or private cloud.

Companies should not store any of their most critical data on public servers that have no security measures in place. If someone can infiltrate those servers, all of your important information will be at risk too.

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Why wasn’t it encrypted?

When a company suffers a cyber-attack, one of its first questions is typical of whether or not sensitive data was stolen. And if that data was supposed to be encrypted, as it is at Nvidia (NVDA), it’s an even bigger deal. According to reports, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said during a recent earnings call that hackers stole one file containing unreleased code for upcoming products and driver updates.

Who will be affected by this breach?

Computer users who download Nvidia drivers will be affected by any malware that is embedded in them. In fact, thousands of users have already reported finding malware on their machines after downloading drivers from Nvidia’s website.

To protect yourself, it’s important to visit official company websites directly rather than through links or pop-ups you find elsewhere on the Internet. If a website doesn’t immediately look legitimate, don’t take your chances—and certainly don’t trust it enough to download drivers or programs!

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What happens next?

No doubt, corporate hacks are on the rise. In fact, they have more than doubled over last year. However, while companies like Target and Home Depot have suffered serious breaches—and even gone out of business as a result—other firms such as eBay have been able to rebound after high-profile hacks. So what should be done in light of these recent revelations?


There are two main takeaways from today’s revelations. First, it seems clear that Nvidia was extremely unprepared for a cyber attack; despite being in possession of data that would have let them predict an impending hack attempt, they seemed to have done little to improve their security as a result.

If your company contains sensitive or valuable information, you need to be prepared for hackers and cyber attacks; otherwise, you’re likely to see some terrible consequences like those seen at Nvidia.

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