Mitron, Is “MITRON App” Trustworthy or Not?


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Is Mitron Trustworthy? “MITRON” sounds like Modi’s word. The app was reportedly built by IIT Roorkee student Shivank Agarwal.

The app is also called Clone of TikTok because it looks as much like TikTok. It was designed in contrast to Chinese App TikTok. The app is performing well on the play store and cross 5Million downloads. 

TikTok has been growing day by day since it was introduced in India. Tiktok is not the only Chinese app that is growing, despite that, UCBrowser, Shareit, Xender, Like, Helo apps are also loved by Indian. TikTok has caught the eyes of India’s population, and users stay longer in that app, they shouldn’t be.

Some days before, Tiktok and Youtube have been debated around the world, are engaged in competition with each other as well. How people are being focused on liking videos.

Indian’s are spending their too much time on TikTok and nobody knows how being affected is? The users who are spending time too, are scrolling every hour for watching videos, are seen commented and liked by whom? 

Unlike TikTok, Youtube focuses on the content you uploaded, restricted copyrighted material. But Again youtube is a source of income, that will let you earn for daily needs too.

You may also be suspended if you avoid their guidelines. Thereby, The ruler area boys, people who are only using smartphones for recording videos mostly being loved. Also, Slum population being popular, may alter their life into a new lifestyle.


The Mitron app itself is popular and has been loved by people because it’s appearance and user interface likewise TikTok app. The app also has features as in TikTok, you’ll be able to record short videos. The people are so-called “Clones of TikTok”.

Likewise TikTok, you can share your content online across the world, Users to create, edit and share their videos. It was designed to replace Tik Tok with an Indian App. The app is performing well on the play store within the weeks of its release. 

The app is trending on Google Search, downloaded at a high rate in the Play store. The app itself is popular in India because it has been made in India.

More than 5 Million have downloaded, the app’s user interface is likewise TikTok, that is why people said “It is a clone of” TikTok “. You will be surprised to know, Mitron is only 8Mb while TikTok is 68Mb.

Is “MITRON” App Trustworthy?

According to Reports: Mitron app isn’t made in India, it was brought from Pakistani software developer Qboxus. Qboxus suggested that it offers to host user data on its servers. However, Mitron chose to keep user data on its own servers.

Mitron introduced as an Indian app and claims that it was made by an IIT’s Roorkee student but there is no reference at all. As previously claimed in various media reports, but has purchased code.

The company behind ‘Mitron’ app, which claimed that it is an Indian Alternative of TikTok app, purchased the code in $34 (Approx Rs. 2,550) from a Pakistani Company Qboxus. Furthermore, simply rebranded it. “Source from The Quint”.

Mitron App

In the play store, the app’s privacy website seems counterfeit and not secure at all. Neither privacy of app nor developer detail mention in developer contact. 

Till here, you can digest but you would be numb after you know what permission gathered from your phone by Mitron App. Although while installing an app, we are usually granted permission by tapping ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’. The Mitron app may access:

  1. Photo media files 
  2. Camera
  3. Microphone

Being an Indian app, it has across 50k downloads in play store and ranked high rated by Users. Although, Narendra Modi’s new report is claiming that the Mitron app is actually a repackaged version of the TicTic app, created by a Pakistani company called Qboxus.

Don’t install any app, at least as long as, unless sorting out privacy, permission issues.

It’s all about Mitron App. Hope you are staying safe and healthy through these unusual times! Subscribe to get more updates.

Shubham Nema
Shubham Nema
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