Is Banana Good for bodybuilding?


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In this blog, you will know Is banana good for bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is actually the regimen of workouts that are designed to promote the muscular development of the human body and also improve general health and fitness. As a competitive activity bodybuilding aims to display in artistic fashion pronounced muscle mass, symmetry, and definition for overall aesthetic effect.

The diet of a bodybuilder is modified, and most athletes who lift heavy weights, or perform bodybuilding often have modified dietary plans with the help of which they tend to gain more muscle mass, and also maintain a lower percentage of fats. Most bodybuilders have more intake of protein in their diet along with calories, followed by some exercise.

Before taking a start for any exercise, I always advise getting comfortable, and moisture-absorbing workout clothes that may aid comfort in your workout, especially in intense aerobic exercises like bodybuilding. Born tough offers workout clothes at affordable prices with the best quality. In today’s blog, we will discuss the fact that eating bananas are good for bodybuilding?

Banana Benefits for Bodybuilding

Bananas have a huge amount of cabs and potassium in them, both of these nutrients play an utmost important role in your better performance during exercise and also in the growth of your muscles as well. You are able to easily digest them easily ( that’s why most of the athletes, mostly the tennis players eat them during short breaks) and they also slow the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream, so you can make the bananas a great snack option before you make a start for your next workout session.

Along with that, bananas are rich in potassium and also in antioxidants, both of them help to prevent muscle cramps. They also provide you with a stream of glucose which makes them perfect for fueling your workout.

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Is banana shake good after a workout?

Banana shakes are also another option that you can avail, after your intense gym workout. Banana shakes contain important minerals like potassium, also have fibres, and are low in fats, which makes them great post-workout snacks to curb ravenous hunger. There are a high percentage of carbohydrates and low protein content in them.

One medium banana consists of 105 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates. So you may be amazed to know that under the yellow peel there is the fruit that is rich in nutritional values and that helps you to develop a healthier body inside.

Bananas provide you with a burst of energy before and after your workout.

When you peel off the yellow layer, there is the conversion of starch into simple sugar, which makes it sweeter and fruitier. So eating a banana 30 to 60 minutes before your workout maximizes your overall athletic performance.

Likewise, if you eat 1 to 2 bananas along with the combination with other dietary sources can aid recovery after your workout. That means, if you eat the chopped bananas combined with chopped almond topping before your intense workout, they will provide you with the best energy bust.

Besides that, make sure that along with your diet your outfits should also be comfortable and should offer you the proper fit so that you don’t get distracted from your intense workout.

Born tough provides the gym attire which are meant for your workout, and which provides you immense comfort during your workout sessions.

Vital vitamins for bodybuilding

When you have indulged yourself in an intense workout like bodybuilding make sure that your body is getting all of the vital vitamins and minerals which help in the development of muscles. Let’s take a look at the most important vitamins required for your muscle’s health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is for your muscles to function normally, and also it makes your bones stronger.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a vital role in muscle growth.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another vitamin that is essential for your muscle health. So mostly, when we think about eating bananas we often think of potassium intake.

Actually, potassium is the vitamin that helps the fine flow of blood in your body, along with that it also helps your nerves to function in a healthier way. But that is not enough! Along with potassium, bananas also consist of vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and manganese. B-6 also improves the functioning of your brain and maintains a healthy level of neurotransmitters.

Similarly, as I have described earlier that bananas are rich in carbs they also help to restore glycogen levels and also cease muscle breakdown. They also contain electrolytes that help in the contraction of your muscles.

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Gaining Strength and Mass Size

Bodybuilders gain strength and increase their muscle size by using a modified diet in which bananas also play an important role. So when your aim is to get stronger and bigger muscles you need to get the appropriate quantity of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Therefore bananas contain most of those nutrients which are required to provide us with the energy that is required in our workout.

One medium banana contains 105 calories, 27 grams of carbohydrates, 1.3 grams of protein. The yellow fruit also contains small traces of manganese as well.

Manganese helps in the synthesis of protein and provides the energy which is required during your intense workout. Some people also feel cramping or pain in their intestines or any other area of their body. This is due to electrolyte imbalance sometimes, so eating bananas on a daily basis can help you to prevent these types of violent pain.

Try to eat 2 to 3 bananas per day, if you can’t eat them raw, you can add them to your protein shake as well. Some people may ask whether they can add bananas to their protein shakes or not? So the answer is absolutely you can.

Add almonds, bananas, honey to your shake, blend them in a high-speed blender, until it gets smooth. Adding bananas to your protein shake can increase the percentage of fibres and potassium in your protein drink, along with some mild flavour, also adding chopped bananas in your shake also helps you to increase your athletic performance along with muscle endurance as well.

Ann Edward
Ann Edward
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