IoT Technology Shaping the Future


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There has been a lot of buzz around the “Internet of Things” aka IoT Technology. So, what is it exactly and why has it picked up such a huge momentum in the present times? Put in simple words, IoT is integrating physical devices to the internet and with each other to establish a giant network of connected things that share and collect data.

IoT includes a wide range of devices that strive to make our lives easier by leveraging the power of the internet and technology. From self-driving cars and smart microwaves to fitness watches and smart security systems, IoT has become an infused part of several walks of life and is the new face of technology going ahead.

Behind IoT Technology

A very pressing question that begs to be addressed is that how do these devices “talk” or just know what to do? Well, these devices have built-in sensors in them, and they’re connected to the Internet of Things platform or cloud. There, data from these devices gets integrated and processed.

Once the data has been processed, the device takes appropriate action. There is also something known as a user interface that allows users to change the actions taken by the devices to fit their needs in a more accurate manner. For example, if a temperature controller has adjusted the temperature for you and you feel the need to change it manually, you’ve got the interface to do that as well.

IoT Technology Trends 2021

Integration of such devices accelerates digital transformation in a way never imagined before. It makes our lives not just easier, but also saves us a lot of time in doing things manually. This time can be used for enabling more productivity and channelizing our energy and resources into making this digitally driven world a better place.

Some key technology trends of 2021 include the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT technology. This integration promises to accelerate the potential of both the technologies to reach a level that once seemed far-fetched.

IoT has also enabled remote operations for various companies and that has proven to be exceptionally constructive during the pandemic. For instance, earlier on-site presence of workers was a pre-requisite to get most of the operations going. Now, with advancements in IoT, a lot of work can be managed digitally. This increases efficiency and reduces cost as well.

Also, while speaking of Covid-19, it needs to a mentioned here that several digital health innovations happened during this time that helped in catering to the grave situation. IoT has proven to be quite useful in addressing healthcare challenges. In addition to this, IoT has also enabled smart businesses to flourish and has allowed them to use digital technology for expanding their enterprise.

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Industry Wise IoT Applications

IoT has a lot of utilitarian applications across several industries such as healthcare and medicine, IT, logistics and operations, and a lot more. It is a technology that can be integrated into just about any industry and has a way to make it better and more effective than before.

Jio brings you several best-in-class intelligent IoT solutions that are sure to help your businesses
irrespective of the industry they are a part of. Some IoT solutions by Jio include:

Smart Electricity Metering – JioThings Smart Electricity Metering solution provides a comprehensive solution for enabling Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Automatic Meter Reading. Some benefits of this include Low Cost of Ownership, Ease of Deployment, Zero Network Maintenance, Software Upgrades and more.

Smart Street Lighting – JioThings Smart Street Lighting solution provides all the components for building an intelligent lighting infrastructure. It is cost-effective and sustainable. Some other benefits include Increased Road Safety, Enhanced User Experience, Maintenance Cost Optimization, Control Group of Lights Independently and more.

Smart Genset Monitoring – JioThings Smart Genset Monitoring solution is a highly cost-effective solution for retail chains, townships, and buildings etc. It supports integration with fuel sensors, energy meters, control panel and controller along with other sensors. Operational Hours Monitoring, Reduced Downtime, Centralized and Remote Monitoring are some of the other benefits.

Smart Connected Coolers – JioThings Smart Connected Coolers offer an economical yet efficient IoT solution. It helps in monitoring thousands of coolers in a single dashboard with details about
location, operating conditions, and tamper alerts, etc. in a secured manner.

Smart Fleet Management – JioThings Smart Connected Vehicle solution is a combination of hardware, software and connectivity solutions designed to remotely track and manage your fleet. 

It has Data Storage and Management services, Vehicle Telematics and Diagnostic Services, Route Management Service, Location Tracking and more.

IoT has enabled businesses to grow like never before. Apart from that, it has enabled our lives to become easier thereby saving us a lot of manual hassle and allowing us the time to explore and meet our highest potential. It is definitely the new face of technology and the future of a digitally driven world.

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