Improve Your Customer Service by Live Video Chat


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2021 and the years to come will have a new mode of communication a Live Video Chat.

With the growing technology solutions, businesses have to revamp their communication game.

Do you know when your customers garner their attention towards you?

When you find unique ways to engage with them.

While we see customer service live chat platforms lying mostly via live chat windows and phone calls, there is one unique way that proves to improve and enhance your current customer service performance.

‘Live video calling’.

Live video call services are a perfect medium to engage with different types of customers. They restore empathy in conversations, handle tough situations better and overall deliver a better brand image to potential leads. 

Why do businesses need to start implementing live video calls for their customer services?

1. Keeps you one step ahead of your competitors

Before your potential leads invest in any business, they will first observe what one brand can offer from the competitors. 

Hence, when you provide unique services such as a video chat solution, these leads are compelled to garner their attention more towards you. 

Using a live video call solution for customer service live chat ensures that your brand stays on top of the competitive market. It distinguishes your brand well and always keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. 

2. Offers a better in-store experience online

With the pandemic still in place, businesses are forced to continue their selling activities online.

While the medium of selling has changed, the way you engage with your prospects shouldn’t, which is exactly what live video calls aim to offer. 

Live video chat apps enable brands to deliver a detailed and better in-store experience to tap their leads better. 

3. Cut down on static and additional costs

Did you know that live video chat apps can reduce costs significantly lower?

For instance, say that a few rural areas require medical attention, and then travelling and visiting the city for a minor check-up adds on to their additional costs. Hence if there was a live video chat session, the rural area members could easily consult doctors without having to spend on travel expenses. This would even benefit the medical team as they could reach out to more individuals with a single click. 

Top 2 ways modern businesses of today are benefiting from live video call and chat for customer service

1. Engage in real-time with live video chat agents

Previously, customer service was over calls and emails, and frankly, there weren’t many real-time engagements. 

Now with using live video chat or video call API for customer service, engagements between a brand and the client have become better. There is a personal connection that proves to drive greater results.  

2. Proves to be efficient with regards to driving results

Emails and phone calls are great communication mediums, but when it comes to dealing with tough situations such as complaints and more, clients are never usually happy with the reverts via the former communication.

However, if these communications are taking place for video calls, there is a great chance to manage such issues well as well as build a trustful bond since a face-to-face meeting has taken place. 

8 reasons which prove live video calls are the real deal in improving customer service live chat in 2021

1. Solves critical issues quicker

Do you know why clients write bad reviews for brands?

Because despite facing a problem a brand hasn’t catered to them well.

You can eliminate this immediately by engaging with the troubled client at the moment via live video chats or video chat API for customer service. 

With video chats, you can have a personal connection with the client and explain in detail the mistake and the solution that can help resolve it.

This results in better customer service and fewer bad reviews from the client’s end. 

2. Reduces customer service expenditure

There are multiple costs associated with customer service. 

For instance, in order to engage with users via a certain communication solution, costs such as add ons and more can burn a hole in your pocket.

Luckily, video chat or live video chat API do the trick.

You have the option to either invest in a video calling solution or a video call API. 

In both cases, the investment done is on the tool and the features it provides. This is a better way to avail all the related features under one roof instead of spending on multiple platforms to cater to the same. 

3. Improves customer satisfaction rates

When clients are catered to well, they will be satisfied with your brand.

For this to happen, your engagement game with them needs to be strong.

Luckily video chat does it for you.

With easy video chats, businesses can cater to their clients better.

From resolving queries instantly to providing a personal connection with the clients, video chat is the perfect tool to get started now. 

4. Invest in the brand no matter the cost

At times, if clients are happy with the service a brand provides, they won’t see the investment they’re making. They would blindly trust the brand and invest in their products no matter the cost.

Such clients are rare to tap but if you have them, your business is bound to flourish.

Hence keeping them happy by providing better service is essential.

This is exactly what video chat aims to provide. 

5. Ability to improve video chats via call recording feature

How do you improve your engagement service with clients?

With video calls, the process is simple.

The call recording feature is one of the most essential features in a video call. 

With such a feature, you have the ability to hear all the calls you’ve made and identify how you can make your future calls better.

Hence this works on improving your standard performance for the better. 

6. Perfect for providing remote customer service

With the pandemic present at the moment, and everyone working at home, how can you conduct better customer service?

The perfect answer to that is via live video chat.

With face-to-face video chats, engagements with clients are more meaningful. Face-to-face interactions, can drive bonds from developing quickly and easily.

The use of video chat is enhancing communications taking place between a brand and client on a much higher level. 

7. Engages with clients better

Video calls are simple communication mediums.

Their purpose?

Serve clients in a better manner.

With live video chats, there is a comfortable atmosphere created with every communication. Thus this drives better engagements from the client’s end. 

8. Improve customer service performance

Customer service performance can be improved with the choice of engagement platforms you choose. While phone and emails are great, with regards to building a quicker trustful bond, where does it stand?

Live Video chat proves to be the better choice.

With Live video chat, you have the opportunity to deal with clients on a personal level.

Hence this drives better results in lead conversions. 

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How Does Live Video Chat Benefit Different Industries in Customer service?

1. Public Sector

In the public sector, time is everything.

Due to this, multiple individuals working there find it difficult to conduct basic activities such as visiting consultations and more.

In such cases, the use of video chats can help them.

With video calling, individuals in the public sector can book instant appointments. They can then conduct engagements via video calls without having to travel or do anything else. 

2. Healthcare

Healthcare is another sector that is aiming to make their experience with patients a simple breeze.

Instead of having patients visit hospitals that are far from them or consult on any minor issues, video chat can help them.

Healthcare workers can use video chat to engage with their patients.

This reduces absence in appointments and quickly caters to patients’ needs.

As stated above, video chat can also help to engage with patients who stay in far areas and are not within the reach of any hospitals. 

3. Financial Services

Everyone is keen on conducting financial actions. But no one has the time to visit an office to get a detailed discussion.

Hence video chat solves this issue.

For investors, who are keen on this service but have no time, a video session at their comfort can benefit them.

These easy sessions can clarify doubts and keep them on track with their financial activities. 

4. Retailers

Live Video chat can benefit retailers in multiple ways.

With Live video chat, retailers have the opportunity to help exhibit their store better with clients. They can give them a better overview when compared to clients surfing the website on their own. Video chats spark better engagements and this can drive better customer service.

This action can also drive better results in terms of purchasing decisions for the retailers as well. 

5. Real Estate and Car Dealerships

Did you know that real estate and car dealerships can benefit better from video chat? What do you do before purchasing a new home or a car?

You go for inspection or rather to see the place or vehicle.

Did you know that video chat can now allow you to do the same virtually?

You can have tours of the house you like or the car you want and make instant purchasing decisions no matter where your location is. 


You now have all the information to believe the impact of live video chat on customer service. With time, businesses need to start adopting new ways to engage with their potential leads. Such actions will only revert to better results for any brand. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the powerful presence of a live video call chat, when do you plan to get started with one?

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