How To Mint NFT: A Beginner’s Guide


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NFT minting implies turning digital data into digital items or crypto collections on the blockchain. A decentralized database of distributed ledgers stores the digital files. Notably, modifying or editing, or deleting is not possible. Mint NFTs are the same as minting a real coin. Basically, the process used in uploading a particular asset to a blockchain is termed Minting. However, for many, it is a mystery! But if you ask us, it is not!

Taking this into consideration, in this write-up, we will enlighten the NFT minting fundamentals. Stay with us to find out!

What does Non-Fungible Token Means?

Surprisingly, NFT has turned out to be a noteworthy development. The statistics say that it will touch $80 billion US dollars by 2025 and these figures show how it is becoming the must-have method to be adopted.

NFTs are digital objects depicting real-world items such as music, art, videos, in-game assets, etc. Generally, they are sold and purchased through online mediums, usually with cryptocurrency.

The NFT token is built and stored on any of the blockchains such as Ethereum. Positively, it gives Proof of Ownership, which means they are unique, and cannot be exchanged and consequently, they cannot be the same. In addition, it is the Digital Certificate of Authenticity which could be verified on the blockchain by anyone from any part of the globe.

To make it more clear of the NFT ecosystem, the digital collectibles show them as images, music files, audio, photographs, online game items, 3D models, plain text files, web domain names, metaverses, virtual worlds, etc.

What does NFT Minting imply?

In general, the process of minting NFT means changing the digital file to a digital asset or digital collectible on Ethereum Blockchain. We have mentioned above as well that it is stored on the distributed ledger or decentralized database permanently. And yes, there is no deletion, modification, or editing.

The method of NFT minting is identical to metal coins which get minted and used in circulation, and the NFTs get minted when created. With this method, one file transforms into a crypto object that can be seamlessly sold or purchased with cryptocurrencies in the NFT marketplace.

Within the process of minting, the NFT creator programs royalties with each sale. This could be a commission received when the work is purchased by another or sold to a secondary market.

What are the points to consider before NFT minting?

It is a must to consider some points before starting minting NFT to ensure that the digital asset is perfectly displayed or not. The art purchased on the NFT marketplace development platform needs to be flexible. Eventually, it enables collection or resale flexibility and ownership to track it.  Keep in mind the below points before NFT creation:

Blockchain Platform

First and foremost, it is essential to check out the different blockchains that abide by the NFT token standard. Below are the available options these days:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polkadot
  • Tron
  • Tezos
  • EOS
  • WAX
  • Cosmos
  • Flow by Dapper Labs

Understanding the NFT Ecosystem

To make NFT minting a user-friendly approach, it is a must to know all the features of blockchain NFT. The chosen platform should manage the NFT sales and transfers on different blockchains. All of the elements of NFT must be analyzed with their pros and cons with every new blockchain.

Cost-effective Platform

NFT’s eye-opening growth has made many eager to create one. And, free NFTs are the preferable option. There were times when following the crowd was the best choice. 

When it comes to NFT minting, Ethereum and Binance Smart chains are the leading blockchains. Both platforms ensure more transparency to buyers as they are comprehensive.

Choose the right NFT marketplace

Selecting the best NFT marketplace is one of the decisions that must be considered right before minting NFTs. The NFT developers operating on the Ethereum blockchain might come across different NFT platforms such as Open Sea, Raible, and Mintable. BakerySwap, Treasureland, and Juggerworld are the few best Binance Smart Chain Marketplaces.

Step Involve in Minting NFTs

Simply, the digital files or digital content can be changed to an NFT item. Those who are digital artists or graphic designers or content creators can simply transform their work (text files (tweets, PDFs, or documents), 3D models, music, or video) into a collectible crypto item with actual value.

The method involved is quite simple! Though, you can choose to hire the NFT token development company, if you are not aware of the basics involved in NFT. On the contrary, we are presenting the easy steps to complete the NFT Minting process. Pick the choice that fits best for you.

If you are operating Google Chrome, then, the browser extension – Metamask can be installed simply. It is the general wallet of blockchain applications and NFT marketplaces. Also, ensure that the wallet involves Ether (an Ethereum blockchain currency). Now you can work on creating your very own NFT. Check out the steps below:

Buy Ethereum

Other than Bitcoin, Ethereum is considered a preferable cryptocurrency. Several marketplaces offer transaction services with ETH. For purchasing Ethereum, you have to make an account on a leading trading platform. Exchange platforms, like or coin base, can be used.

Build A Crypto Wallet

After buying ETH, the next step is to make a crypto wallet that will be used by the NFT marketplaces for NFT trading. Metamask is mostly used. Also, the wallet could be used for storing tokens based on Ethereum.

Connect the Crypto wallet with the NFT marketplace

Once you get connected with the Metamask wallet, the profile on the marketplace gets activated. Fill in the mandatory information such as name, adding the cover or profile photo, including links for blogs, social media networks, portfolio pages, or online stores.

Initiate a file-uploading process

It is not a complicated task. Search the “create an NFT” page in the selected marketplace. From there, you can use GLB format for 3D files, MP4 format for video files, Wav or MP3 formats for music files or GIFs, JPG or PNG for images, etc.

The Ethereum Blockchain can store NFT tokens for less time, hence, you must ensure that your file is properly stored. Here, one piece of advice is to save it in a decentralized database, like, IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

The centralized database (cloud hosting service) might give some risk to your file. Also, Google Drive is not even the solution that can be considered for the long term for storing the digital asset to be converted into Non-Fungible Tokens.

Start minting your NFT

When the digital artwork or the file is uploaded, the title and the required description can be given. According to the chosen platform, you can select the “Is for Sale” or “Mint NFT” options.

Complete the process by approving the transaction fee

Every transaction on the Ethereum network demands a fee that has to be paid via ETH.  At this point, the transaction or gas fee is required for approval for the completion of the NFT Minting process.

Note: Do not get confused with the gas fee as charges for the NFT marketplace, however, it is required to use the Ethereum blockchain.

And, that’s it!

When the file is uploaded and the gas fee is paid, the process of NFT minting starts automatically. In the process, the Ethereum smart contract runs the code executed in the digital item on the blockchain.

What after NFT Minting?

  • After the NFT Minting is completed, finalize the price to sell it.
  • Schedule royalties that will be received as commission when the digital art is sold.
  • After that, the promotion can be started on your social media channels or the other method you can easily give time on.
  • Also, an Auction option can be chosen and let the other start bidding on the NFT.
  • When the bid is accepted, all of the details will be recorded publicly and the NFT will be given. Also, all of the details of the new owner will be recorded in the Ethereum blockchain.

Concluding Remarks

Non Fungible Tokens are gaining momentum and letting digital creators make money.  However, it is in its growing stage, which you should always remember. Trade your digital asset as per your taste and gain a profitable outcome!

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