How to Learn Mixed Martial Arts at Home?


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If you are not able to afford the gym, or due to some reason you can’t go to the gym, maybe due to pandemics or due to any other reason. But the good news is that you can practice these skills by staying at home. Some people also say that it’s tough for you to practice these skills by staying at home. But there is no need to panic, there are certain ways by which you can learn mixed martial arts by staying at home, so in today’s blog, I will describe several methods by which you can practice and learn mixed martial arts skills by staying at home, but remember to get started with warm-ups.

Also, before getting started, you need to get gym attire that is sweat-wicking, comfortable and provides you with the proper fit. Elite sports workout clothes are sweat-wicking and are available at affordable prices.

Mixed Martial Arts

Rope jumping

For the beginners, it should be one minute of rope jumping followed by rest. Repeat this exercise five times. When you become much trained you can increase the time duration from one minute to three minutes and then to 5 minutes followed by a resting phase.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jack is also known as star jumping. The Jumping jack engages your glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors. It’s considered the best workout to warm up your joints.

Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching makes your muscles ready for your workout. Dynamite stretching also improves your speed, acceleration (required in the MMA) and it also overcomes your muscle stiffness that is very much important before starting any type of intense workout.


Burpees are difficult to do, but they can be done quickly, anywhere. To perform burpees, you need to stand in a way that your feet are wide open and your hands are along the side of your body. Now put your hands on the ground and make your body position as if you are squatting. Make the plank position by placing one of your legs in the backward position. Now get back into your standing position again.

Besides that, if you are an athlete, you must get gym attire that is stretchable and which is suitably designed for your workout. Elite sports workout clothes are moisture absorbing, breathable, and aid your comfort throughout your workout sessions.

Mixed Martial Arts Workout to Do at Home


Shadowboxing is a training method that accompanies mixed martial arts. There are lots of advantages of shadowboxing as your memory gets improved, it also improves your balance along with that, shadow boxing is a great way through which you can make your muscles bigger. Shadowboxing is simple and you can perform it easily anywhere at home.

To perform shadowboxing all you need to do is stand in front of the mirror, and execute the punches as if you are standing in front of your opponent. Try to stand in a comfortable position so that you can execute the punches freely. You can also split up your shadow boxing practice into two rounds, each round lasting for five minutes followed by some rest.


Kickboxing is considered a hybrid mixed martial arts using kicking and boxing as well. You can do kickboxing anywhere at home but you need to have a lot of space. There are various punches that you can execute in kickboxing and those punches include, jab, lead hook, rear hook, cross, lead uppercut, and rear uppercut.

If you want to start sparring at home you need a few pieces of equipment including a punching bag and kickboxing gloves. A punching bag will help you to learn various skills and techniques that are required in boxing. If you are a beginner (practicing various boxing skills on the punching bag) then you should start with a three minutes round, slowly increase the time duration of your rounds up to five minutes followed by some rest. Just keep punching hard and remember to increase the time duration of your rounds once you get stronger.

Various jiu-jitsu moves which you can do at home

There are various jiu-jitsu solo drills that you can easily do at home. Some of them are discussed below.

Hip escape

Hip escape is one of the solo drills which you can perform at home, and it is the best workout through which you can improve your hip mobility. You can perform hip escape in various ways. One of the basic methods is to get at one side of your body, expand your arms, and with one of your feet lift your hip in the upward direction. Other than that, you can also just sit down and perform hip escape drills or just hip escape in the forward direction.

Technically standing up technique

This is a technique that has been used both offensively and defensively, in both ways, and you can learn it easily at home. 

In defensive technique how is it utilized?

From the ground, this solo drill helps you to get yourself on your feet while executing it defensively.  In the technical standing technique, you are maintaining the appropriate distance when you are on your foot, and this can be performed when you expand one of your legs while bending over your other leg.

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