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How to Identify Unknown Number in Mi Phones or Avoid Fraud Calls? 

With the increasing amount of spam SMS messages every day, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the sender.

Although you can find out the caller detail by truecaller app in a smartphone, this service provides you data, free of cost. But all you need is to download the extra third party application to use the service. Third-party is usually using the data, and round up or takes more space of your mobile storage.

However, the Mi smartphone has already inbuilt software that provides much similar service and doesn’t require any application. The feature is known as “Mi Yellow Pages”. Moreover, it also identifies the e-commerce or companies messages, so you’ll not confuse or easily identify the messages in Mi Smartphones.

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What is MIUI Yellow Pages?

To address the problem of identifying senders, Xiaomi’s MIUI offers Yellow Pages. Yellow pages in MIUI (Caller ID) is an inbuilt feature in Mi Smartphones that identify SMS messages and calls from businesses.

Whenever an unknown number is used for placing/receiving calls or sending/receiving text messages, this number will be uploaded to Xiaomi servers for identification of the number’s “tag information” (the service guarantees that the user’s personal information will not be acquired by a third party, and therefore user’s identity will not be at risk of exposure to a third party as a result of the upload).

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MIUI Yellow Pages

Step 1: Long Press Menu Button at Phone Call Page

Identify Unknown Number
Step 2: You will See Identify Unknown Numbers option, click it.
Identify Unknown Number
Step 3: Enable Caller ID

After following these above steps, your phone will identify unknown numbers (railways, companies etc). In case you receive a calls from company or businesses, Yellow pages, a MIUI feature starts identifying Caller IDs.

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