How to Check SAR Value of Smartphones in India?


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Whenever we decide to buy a new smartphone, the first thing to do is set a budget.  We want a smartphone with a marvellous camera, powerful processor, long-lasting battery, and fantastic design in that budget. 

Apart from that, people before taking a smartphone also confirm whether the smartphone phone is Chinese or non-Chinese.

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But they never check SAR value of smartphones. Even though they don’t know what it is? 

Today we are going to tell you how SAR value is important to us and ignoring it can cause harm to us. It’s a dangerous alarm bell similar to a phone’s ring bell, so before buying a smartphone we should know the SAR value of the smartphone. Why what and how Does it affects us? You will read the blog further.

So what actually is the SAR value in a smartphone?

SAR value is the rate that measures the waves emanating from the phone and the waves absorbed by the human body. These waves are absorbed by the tissues present in the blood in the body. The waves emanating from the mobile are not always the same.  When the phone is working or processing a lot of things at once, then it increases and during the less use of the phone, these waves decrease. 

These waves emanating from the smartphone are measured through ‘SAR Value‘. Let us tell you that every smartphone has its own different radiation and frequency.

Each GSM handset has a radio transmitter and receiver in order to operate in the wireless GSM network. That transceiver is manufactured so that when used next to the ear and when worn on the belt, it won’t exceed the limits for exposure to radio frequency energy set by the authorities.

How do these radiations affect the environment?

A mobile phone is a radio transmitter that sends and receives network waves. These waves are called radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. These waves are transferred through the mobile antenna, which travels from the phone to the mobile tower and comes from the mobile tower to the phone. Whenever these waves are transferred, some percentage of them are lost on the way and keep moving in the environment without being connected to any device. And this is the part that becomes a threat to you, us and the environment.

These harmful radiations are measured only through the SAR value of the phone

Do you know how much your smartphone affects you while reading this article? 

Think about it.

SAR Value in India

Every smartphone has a different abstract value.  This SAR value is fixed by the government of every country and phones with a SAR value more than the fixed value are banned in that country. Surprisingly, the SAR value of smartphones is fixed by the governments. The value is the same in India and America.  The maximum value of mobile phones in India is 1.6W/kg. Here Watt/Kilogram means that 1 kg of tissue can absorb up to 1.6 W of wave power.

How do check SAR value of Smartphones?

The SAR value of a phone is mentioned on a smartphone package box. It must be necessary for the company to mention it on the box. So customers can easily find the SAR value for their smartphone by looking at the info label pasted on a phone’s box. 

You can also check SAR value of your phone, then dial *#07# from your smartphone.  After dialling this number, the SAR value of the phone will come on the display of the phone.  Let us also inform you that the SAR value is divided into two parts.  First “Head SAR” means head and “Body SAR” means body.  Whenever we talk on the phone, the head is closest to the mobile.  Hence the abstract value of the head is kept separate.  Similarly, when the phone is in the pocket or the hand, the sum value for that position is measured separately.

Which is the highest SAR Value Smartphone?

Here is the full list of smartphones that are emitting high levels of radiation.

  • Motorola Edge – 1.79W/Kg
  • ZTE Axon 11 5G – 1.56 W/Kg
  • OnePlus 6T – 1.55 W/Kg
  • Sony Xperia XA2 Plus – 1.41 W/Kg
  • Google Pixel 3 XL – 1.39 W/Kg
  • Google Pixel 4a – 1.37 W/Kg
  • Oppo Reno5 5G – 1.37 W/Kg

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