7 Ways How Technology Adds to an Experience Escape Room


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Our fantasies and imaginations are a part of us. It contributes a lot to making us the best version of ourselves. Just imagine one of such fantasies actually coming into life, where you get to be the hero and save the day! By this, you will experience escape room do.

Escape rooms gained immense popularity in the past few years. The adventure started with the traditional locks and keys. But now, with the evolution of technology, escape rooms have progressed much further. Over a decade has passed since the first escape room in the world started in Japan, and yet the concept continues to grow in popularity today through updating puzzles, settings, and technologies in use.  

One amazing aspect of experience escape games is that conceptually they are the same everywhere, whether it be an escape room in Bangalore or a facility in New York. But the experience they offer is almost always very distinct. Because each brand offers unique storylines and settings for the game, this balance between familiarity and unpredictability is what drives the popularity of the recreation, and technology has had a great part to play in this picture.

Let us check how these escape games use the latest technologies to provide the finest experience:   

1. Sink into the Ambiance   

Escape rooms adapted technological advancement in the most convincing manner. They enhanced the whole feeling of the adventure with the use of high-end technology. An experience escape room is a much more comprehensive affair than just the gameplay. Perhaps the most important aspect here is sensory immersion. And brands start to get your mind prepared for the adventure lying ahead right from the moment you step inside their facilities. 

A well-established escape room company like escape room breakout always has a thematically decorated and curated interior, whether it be the lobby or the reception, or the sitting area. With the use of technological gadgets such as laser lights and sound effects, an escape room facility can subconsciously start feeding you elements of immersion long before you have actually stepped inside the actual room.   

2. Sound effects to add excitement  

Sound plays a huge role in determining the levels of engagement in an escape room. Yes, the detailed set pieces and props do create an alternative temporal setting where the players can truly feel disconnected from their current reality. But without sound effects, that simulated environment cannot stand on its own for long. 

Apart from incorporating conditional sounds like screaming, door opening, or gunshots, having a steady and mellow background score playing throughout the duration of the game helps maintain the mood of the story. Plus, sound scores and effects also save players from getting distracted by any external sound that can shatter the game’s alternative reality.

3. Lighting to boost the thrill  

The right lighting can take an escape experience several notches higher. It is not only about using fancy laser beams or motion-activated LEDs. A good escape room incorporates lighting not only as props but also as an integral part of the set design to conceal or reveal certain clues subtly. With the help of the likes of sensor lights and lasers, escape companies now go an extra mile to add a touch of glamour and technological finesse to their rooms that ultimately elevates the whole experience.

4. Unconventional puzzles  

As mentioned earlier, escape rooms started their journey with simple locks and keys. But today, they have progressed with technology. Now companies typically use a mixture of traditional and advanced puzzles to balance the game. So, along with your regular mechanical and number locks, now you can come across iPads, LED screens, motion sensors, night vision cameras, and more inside an escape room. 

No doubt, these gadgets add a new twist to the puzzle-solving experience. Plus, they also enable game designers to take liberty and get creative much more freely while curating the puzzles.

5. Hyper-realistic physical setting   

Escape rooms use a range of high-tech components in addition to lighting, sound effects, and padlocks. To make these games all the more exciting, companies use vibrating flooring, smoke emitters, laser beams, and in some cases, robots in their games. These extra ingredients add a touch of other-worldliness to the experience where the line between reality and imagination gets blurred. These are also great for creating a sense of urgency in the players to keep them on track.

6. Surveillance 

Today, it is impossible to think of an escape room without cameras. CCTV cameras with real-time video and audio feed that also allow two-way voice communication have been a real game-changer in this field.

Thanks to their features, now game masters can regulate teams and provide hints sitting in the control room, instead of having to join them through the experience and ruining the immersive environment. Plus, it ensures better safety of the players, since even in the darkest of rooms, night vision CCTV cameras help the gamemaster keep track of every individual player.

7. Automated doors

Imagine this- you have successfully cracked a code in the room, and as soon as you enter it into the keypad, the wall in front of you opens up like a door to reveal a secret room! Exciting stuff, right? Automated doors add fantastical touches to the room design and can hugely impact a player’s excitement levels. These types of doors are usually either sensor-activated or system-controlled by a game master.


Just like in every other field, technology in escape rooms has brought in nothing but improvements and growth at an exponential rate. Among all the other industries in the world, the escape room world is probably the fastest to not only adapt to new tech but also learn how to milk it for a better experience. And so far, companies have succeeded in this field with flying colours, making the anticipation for the future even more exciting.

Aniya More
Aniya More
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