How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost?


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Flutter is Google’s solution for developing applications that run on Android and iOS devices. It is Google’s new framework for developing mobile apps and has been built from the ground up to allow for high-performance cross-platform app development. Here we look at how much flutter app development costs and how you can find a Flutter App Development Company that fits your budget.

What is Flutter?

In May 2017, Google announced Flutter, a free and open-source platform for mobile user interfaces. In other words, it enables you to develop a native mobile application using just one codebase. This implies that you can design two apps using the same codebase and one programming language (for iOS and Android).

The Flutter community is fast growing and winning over more and more mobile developers on a global scale. It currently has over 146K star ratings on GitHub.

Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your Next Project?

Flutter quickly fulfilled its potential after its initial launch. This framework speeds up mobile app development while also saving time and money. Here are some reasons why you should choose Flutter for your next project.


The most significant benefit of using Flutter is the ability to create and publish a single app that runs on up to six different platforms with only one codebase. Companies can now engage a single team to complete the work of many development teams instead of forming numerous teams for each OS.

Dart Programming Language

The Flutter programming language, Dart, offers a simple syntax that enables designers to create excellent architectures. Programmers with experience in C#, TypeScript, and Java will find Dart simple to learn and promote collaboration among developers who gain from shared standards. The testing and maintenance of Dart are elementary.

Outstanding User Experience

Any platform can leverage user interfaces built using Flutter. Developers can continue utilizing the current UI even after switching to the other platform because it has a different rendering engine.
As a result, app users may experience an amazing, native-like experience across all devices. SMBs may increase their consumer bases by providing the best user experience.

Reusable and Adaptable Widgets

Widgets allow developers to reuse and customize components in other parts of the application. This significantly enhances the development process.


Hot reload is undoubtedly Flutter’s most notable feature. Creating an app entirely for iOS or Android requires compiling the program, then loading it onto the device to review changes. Instead of restarting the application, developers employing hot reload can make changes to their code while simultaneously viewing the same and in real time. This improves teamwork and facilitates testing.

Average Flutter App Development Cost

The average Flutter app development cost is $15 per hour.

The hourly rate you’ll pay for a Flutter app development is based on the size of your project, the complexity of the features they’re working on, and their experience with Flutter.

The larger your project, the more it will cost to hire an expert or a Flutter app development company. Likewise, if you’re looking for someone with extensive experience in Flutter, it will cost more to hire them than someone who has only worked with one framework before.

On average, it costs between $15 and $25 per hour to develop apps using Flutter. However, this can vary depending on factors like the experience level of your chosen developer, as well as how complex their work is likely to be.

Flutter App Development Cost in Different Countries

If you’re looking to develop an app that people worldwide will use, it’s important to consider your location. The app development cost will vary depending on where your apps are being developed. Here’s how much it will cost in different countries:

United States: $10 per hour per developer
Canada: $30 per hour per developer (higher than the US)
United Kingdom: $45 per hour per developer (lower than the US)
Australia: $60 per hour per developer (lower than the US)
India: Flutter app development is significantly lower in India. At an hourly rate of $18 to $35, you can hire a developer quickly.

What Factors Affect Flutter App Development Cost?

The cost of Flutter app development depends on several factors, including:

The number of features and screens: A simple application with just one screen will cost less than an extremely complex one with dozens of screens.

The complexity of the app: The more complicated it is, the more time and effort you’ll need to invest in creating it. This can also make it very difficult for developers who need to be more experienced or need access to necessary technologies (like iOS or Android).

App design: Everyone like a simple, attractive user interface, but creating Flutter apps with these features is more expensive. A significant element is the design’s complexity. While UX design enables seamless user interaction with the software, UI design seeks to improve the app’s appearance. To give app users a nice experience, both are equally crucial.

App maintenance: A Flutter app’s development cost (or the cost of any software development, for that matter) should consider updates and maintenance when establishing your project budget because software is never finished. Most of the maintenance will consist of updating the system and fixing bugs to guarantee that it continues to run smoothly.

The above-listed are the major factors that affect the Flutter app development cost.

Ready to Plan and Start Your Flutter Project?

If you are ready to plan and start your Flutter project, we’re here as the leading flutter app development company to help. Choosing the right model for your app development process can make or break it. Our team has extensive experience with projects from small business apps to enterprise-level products. We have created dozens of successful apps for clients worldwide.


The development of mobile apps is easier and less expensive because of Flutter. With Flutter, creating apps for several platforms at once costs already half as much (or less).

You must remain attentive to ensure that your budget is used wisely and that no money is wasted. Hiring a flutter development company with proficient Flutter developers is one surefire strategy to dramatically down the cost of developing a Flutter app for your upcoming project.

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