How Ginastica Natural Can Change Your BJJ Game?


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Starting your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training means you are starting a completely new lifestyle. Where most people think that BJJ requires only technical training, experts reveal that training for BJJ should be functional so your body knows where to invest the energy while learning better skills to live life. From getting a toned body to building muscles as you lose fat, you will see BJJ impacting your life in the best way possible. Here you will know how Ginastica Natural Can Change Your BJJ Game?

Before your start your BJJ technical journey you need to start with some functional exercises that can help your body develop enough strength and endurance that can help your body without impacting your health or triggering an injury. Most people start with yoga as it helps you stretch whereas others start with medication and cardio; there is no doubt all these exercises are good and they help your body in developing and becoming better with time, however, experts are now choosing natural gymnastics i.e. Ginastica Natural over other exercises.

The word Ginastica Natural comes from a Portuguese origin which means physical exercise. This type of exercise was developed by Professor Alvaro Romano who is a known fitness educator globally. He came up with this physical exercise type that was mainly held outdoors. The goal is to stretch your body and use every possible exercise mainly to help your muscle adjust to the extreme strain that you will go through later. Alvaro stated that most of the exercises that were included in Ginastica Natural were somehow related directly to outdoor fitness activities like surfing, running jumping, etc. and they had their functional origin embedded in jiu-jitsu and yoga. This is the reason it was a good exercise for the combat training as well.

With the help of this article, we will look into the impact of Ginsastica Natural in detail. We will also see how you can benefit from it and why most experts see Ginsastica Natural as the best option for BJJ training. We will also see the importance of Ginsastica Natural for beginners and why they should try it as well.

How does Ginastica Natural help With BJJ?

For a beginner, the world of BJJ might be new but if you think that beginning an old practitioner who has been in the BJJ industry might not be in for a change, you might be wrong as well. Post-COVID, things have changed and the major influence was on the way people work out in gyms. Now that most of us are trying to limit our exposure, it is very important to minimize the use of shared equipment, especially weight. People are now switching to simple workout routines that can help them gain better results in a limited time. Moreover, they are aiming for something that can help them stay toned and healthy while they practice their BJJ.

BJJ is relatively modern so it is still evolving, this is the reason you will see trends changing and practices evolving. Even if we look at the work and simple practices we will see that some instructors take the bow while others take it as optional and do not take the bow as they enter or leave the mat. Some workout spaces even arrange their students according to their belting and grading so it is safe to say that this is still evolving.  

With the help of Ginastica Natural, your body will go through intense training. Since most of the training doesn’t require the use of external weight you will see a lot of people leaving other machines-based exercises where they have to use shared machines. The best thing about the exercise is that it consists of all the functional moves that are essential for moving on the mat. Apart from this, it helps with strength building as well as endurance so you can easily work out accordingly.

Benefits of Ginastica Natural that will help with BJJ

There are so many different benefits of Ginsastica Natural that are linked with BJJ however some of these have been mentioned below:

  • Ginastica Natural is good for preventing injuries and most athletes use this training for recovery purposes as well
  • Ginastica Natural is great for toning the body, especially its help with preventing obesity by helping you shed extra weight.
  • It is very good for the stability of the core
  • Helps with motor coordination and boosts mental progress.
  • Helps with increasing flexibility as well as moving the body in a better way.
  • Ginastica Natural helps you handle your body in a much better way so you will be able to perform better in front of an opponent.
  • It improves the overall endurance of the body and improves breathing as well
  • Helps with increasing the speed
  • This method is good for speed improvement.
  • It is very safe because you do not need any equipment.
  • Helps with better physical recovery and overall well being
  • Can be practised anywhere.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up Ginastica Natural is a great way to add a functional workout to your daily BJJ practice. This workout will not only help with flexibility which is a great characteristic linked with overall health, but it is also good for BJJ. Most of the exercises are functional so even in real life, they will help with body movement.

Ann Edward
Ann Edward
Ann Edward is a fully qualified personal trainer. She has been helping people in the field of bodybuilding and fitness for more than a decade. Her career in nutrition and physical therapy has made her a fine addition to our team.

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