Google Maps launched ‘Google Stay Safer’ Feature in India

Google Maps has been getting a host of new features recently like live train status, AR navigation, speed limits and speed traps, and more.

Similarly, Google is now introducing a new ‘Google Stay Safer’ feature in India which will alert passengers if their vehicle goes off-route or avoid passengers being taken through a longer route. With this new feature, users can select the ‘Stay safer’ and ‘get off-route alerts’ options after searching for their destination and getting directions.

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If there is a deviation of more than 0.5KM from the suggested route, users’ phones will start buzzing with a prominent notification, and they can tap it to see where they are compared to the original route.

Additionally, users can choose to share their live trip with friends and family directly to track where they are and take appropriate action if gone off-route.

Google Stay Safer

The new ‘Stay Safer’ is an India-first feature and Google says that based on their extensive research across India, they found that a lot of people limit their mobility due to safety-related concerns. The feature is now available to Android users in India using the latest version of Google Maps.

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