Best Fruits for Bodybuilding: Meal Plan

Fruits for bodybuilding

Fruits. That’s all this is about. Fruits are considered the superfoods. There are uncountable reasons for being a huge fan of fruits. For starters, they are delicious, refreshing, healthy & help in building muscle. Fruits for bodybuilding is good for their health. Most people, especially bodybuilders, dismiss fruits because of their sugar content.

By making careful diet choices, you can boost your exercise gains by incorporating fruits as a part of your meals. Fruits have a higher content of potassium, vitamins, carbs & antioxidants, all of these are vital components of building muscles. Consuming fruits for bodybuilding & maintaining muscle mass is about timing. Moreover, these natural supplements won’t be too heavy on your wallet. In this article, we will address whether fruits are good for a bodybuilder diet.

Fruits for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders tend to restrict their fruit consumption while they are avoiding carbohydrates. Mostly they eat fruits during the bulk and between cycles. Fruit offers a lot of health benefits, so no matter what way you are avoiding them isn’t a healthy choice.

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Do Bodybuilders Eat Fruit?

Yes, a big yes! Fruits for bodybuilding is good for builders and all of us always. Eat fruit almost all of their lives. The notion that fruits are bad for your health in any way isn’t true. However, there are short intervals of time periods during the training in which bodybuilders restrict and be selective about the fruits they consume. Or remove them at all from their diet.

Not because they are bad in any way, but because of the carb content they have. While carbs
can be beneficial, for your health particularly for your training, they can cause water retention. It
isn’t a big deal for a bodybuilder’s life, but most of them will remove fruity content from their diet
before training.

While looking for ways to burn fat from their diet. Going low on carbs is an effective way of doing that. So about a month before the competition, bodybuilders might restrict the consumption of fruits & then in a week or so they remove it altogether for getting lean & dry. Post-competition, the diet includes loads of fruits. Before we move ahead make sure you get yourself premium quality bodybuilding clothes.

Are Fruits Good for Bulking?

Fruit isn’t a direct source of high-protein, nor are they calorie-dense. So if you’re trying to gain weight, eating loads of apples isn’t your way to go. Fruit offers loads of benefits & therefore they must be eaten while you are trying to bulk up. Fruit juice is an effective way of hitting the carb & calorie targets. No matter if you are cutting, bulking or maintaining, you must hit your fruit & vegetable targets.

For cutting, you must restrict or remove the fruits while you want to cut the calories super low. While you are bulking, you can increase the fruit intake up to 3-4 servings every day. Athletes & bodybuilders who aim to get trained at higher intensities are more susceptible to the deficiencies. But increasing the fruit intake can be the best bet for your fitness regime.

Best fruits for bodybuilding you must include in your daily diet:

Kiwi: Kiwi is widely known for burning fat naturally out there. Kiwis have higher more vitamin C content compared to any other fruit. Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants that help in removing fat from your body. This vitamin is needed for adequate oxidation of the fatty acids.

Banana: Banana is super dense in carbs, bananas help in restocking the muscle glycogen levels while putting a halt to your muscle breakdown. They are a fabulous potassium source & electrolyte that is essential for appropriate muscular contraction. We would suggest starting your day right with the banana milkshake at your breakfast or before you start your workout.

Watermelon: It’s a juicy fruit that specializes in nitric oxide production. Bodybuilders often rave about NO as it improves the blood flow to the muscles, it allows for a greater delivery and recovery of nutrients & anabolic compounds. They are an effective hydrating fruit.

Blueberries: These are power-packed fruits that are essential for your muscle growth. Blueberries contain a larger number of antioxidants that help in developing muscle mass. Antioxidants protect you against the ‘free-radical attacks, which we become vulnerable to as we are done with our weight training. The key to building muscle & strength is recovery. The faster we are able to recover, the faster we grow our muscles.

Avoca-Do: Avocados are the ultimate fruit for building muscles, they have a high content of potassium & nutritionally dense vitamins & minerals. They have high dietary fibre, which has been a great help for whittling down the fat. Avocado per day promises to keep the fat at bay!

Orange: Oranges are considered the king of citrus fruits. They are great pre-workout food because of their vitamin C content. It helps in protecting nitric oxide from being broken down by the free radicals. The anti-antioxidant effects are amazing for your post-workout routine.

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