7 Free SEO backlinks Tools

Free SEO Backlinks Tools

If you’re writing a blog then you must follow what other websites do. The website you follow should be good domain authority, better rank, and backlinks. you have to at least focus on these factors that help you give an idea of what we should do next for the blog. Today I will focus on free SEO backlink checker.

Basically, Backlinks are links from a page on one website to another. It is created when a website needs visitors to another website for specific keyword information. These are also called Inbound and Incoming links. These types of links make a big effect on a site’s visibility in online search engine outcomes. Hence they are considered to be really beneficial for enhancing a website’s SEO ranking.

For the search engines, SEO backlinks help them determine how authoritative and relevant your site is on the topic. It also signals to search engines that other external websites are endorsing your content. Thereby Google will index your web page category wise. Furthermore, for the users, it helps to get more information about the relevant topic.

Why SEO backlinks are so important?

  • Google crawling
  • Improved ranking on Google
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Connection with visitors

How to Get Free SEO Backlinks of Site?

Establishing backlinks on a strong DA website is quite difficult for beginners as high DA/PA websites are charged per blog, posted on their website. They even charged for do-follow backlinks.

However, many websites allow free guest blogging where you can post guest blogs for free and in return for free SEO backlinks

Finding backlinks is not an easy task but not impossible. you just need tools to find the backlinks of your competitors. I’ll talk about tools further below; first, Best Tools for checking backlinks of your competitors. Here is the list.

#1. SEMrush

This best ever tool helps you fetch details of your competitor’s websites along with show their backlinks and keywords as well. It has two plans free and paid. In the free plan, you can access some features with limited keywords analysis (10 keywords in a day) while in the paid plan you can research a lot. You want to use what is in the paid plan you can use a 7-day trial.

You can analysis of only 10 domains per day in the Semrush tool. In spite of that, you can get only a limited number of backlinks.

#2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs launched a free Ahref webmaster tool that offers SEO and site diagnostic data. It is a very good tool that monitors your site’s SEO health, free SEO backlinks, keywords (which are bringing traffic to your site) and searches traffic.

Ahrefs backlink checker tool allows an unlimited number of checks per day, but the numbers of listed backlinks are not unlimited.

To use it, you can go to its sign-up page and create an account for free. Then you will need to verify your website that you are the owner of the website by Google search console. In the

In the Free tool, you can access the following things:

  • Health Score
  • Domain Rating
  • Referring domains
  • Backlinks of own website
  • Organic Traffic
  • Organic Keywords
  • Disavow links too

#3. Ubersuggest

It was a free SEO tool but now it become paid tool for Neil Patel. It offers free SEO backlinks for limited numbers. It might be a low-cost price alternative tool of Ahref and Semrush. This tool also has some free features which have limited searches per day.

#4. Moz Tool

#5. Small SEO Tools

#6. Monitor backlinks

#7. The Hoth

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