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Do you find free guest blog posting sites that accept guest posts? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

As a blogger, the main motive is to get more visitors to the website but it’s not an easy task to do. There are many ways by which we can use a website that will help in ranking the website and get more visitors too. But Today I will share only guest blog posting sites that takes less charges for driving more targeted traffic to your website. Also, building relationship with other bloggers and connecting with their blog readers.

Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is submitting a blog to someone else’s website that will provide backlinks to your website and expand your blog across the internet. Guest blogging plays an important role in website ranking and influence among the websites related to your niche,  in off-page SEO and in increased traffic to your website.

If you wish to get more visitors to your website then you should definitely try guest posting. Through this,  you will get backlinks that might be helpful for increasing the network among the websites.

The more high-quality backlinks you have (your blog link is attached on a well-ranked or high DA/PA website), the more organic traffic you can drive to your website. The high Domain Authority websites are ranked on top pages of google.

A lot of website owners doesn’t easily accept guest posts, or they charge heavy money to allow blog posting on a website. People searched “Keyword” followed by “Write for Us” in Google search, After that they get the website that accepts guest posting but only a few of them allow blog posting without taking any charges.

In fact, My article also wasn’t accepted in the beginning. I sent hundreds of emails a day in the hope of accepting my blog post by a single person. At that time I didn’t know much about it.

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Benefits of Guest Blogging Sites

  • Develop Communication Skills
  • Connecting with Influencers
  • Popularize in Internet 
  • Improves your online expertise
  • Attract Audience
  • Building A Network of Links (Backlinks)
  • The connection among the websites

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In my opinion, you should go with low DA websites which easily accept your blog post as well as reward you rather than taking charge from you. High DA websites are usually charged for guest posting.

I have shared free guest posting websites that will Instantly accept your work. These websites won’t be charged you and also you’ll get backlinks from them.

free guest blog posting sites
Source: Respona.com

Click on the  “Write for Us” link and follow what these websites are required and send them a pitch to provided mail. After that, wait for a response from the free guest post site.

5+ Instant Accepting Free Guest Blog Posting Sites

S. No.DANameLink
18Life is AwareTech News, Smartphones, Crypto, SEO Write for Us
216News IdeologyTechnology, Social, PoliticalWrite for Us
317Web ConfigureDigital marketing, SEOMail
417Creative Blogger WorldFood, Health, Economy, LifestyleRegister
524Techworld TimesBlockchain, AI, Startups, Tech NewsWrite for Us
626Live Guest PostSEO, Digital Marketing, WordPressWrite for Us
753Thrive vergeTechnology, How to, HealthWrite for Us
836Learn WooWordPress Plugins, ThemeContact Us
910Bakers On WheelCakes, recipes, food blogs, quotesWrite for Us

10+ Paid Guesting Blogging Sites

Guest posting sites can help you to get traffic online by posting your content on other guest bloggers’ websites. Most guest post services are charged now but here are some cheap paid guest blog posting sites for beginners:

S. No.DANameLink
174Geeks for geeksJava, Python, Engineering etcWrite for Us
230WobloggerWordPress, Digital marketingWrite for Us
331Read DiveSoftware Development, Health Tech, FinTechWrite for Us
417Fresh FounderProduct Review, Tips & Tricks, How To Tech Contact Us
525Crypto BrowserCryptocurrency, BlockchainWrite for Us
539iblogshubWorld, Lifestyle, Fashion, SportsWrite for Us
652Developer GangBusiness, Website, Health, Fashion, EducationWrite for Us
739Miz PeeTechnology Apps
How-to, Why Stuff
Internet, Mobile Reviews
Write for Us
826The startup incStartups, Entrepreneurship, Success storiesContact Us
982FossbytesBest Apps, Products, Gaming, MoviesWork with Us
1025Read DiveHealth Tech, Tech News, Health NewsWrite for Us
1162Tech Reviews CornerTechnology, Gadgets, Marketing, BusinessWrite for Us

Are you passionate about a specific topic and eager to share your expertise with a wider audience? Look no further! We are thrilled to invite you to submit guest post for our blog. We value diverse perspectives and fresh ideas, so whether you’re an industry professional, an aspiring writer, or simply someone with a unique viewpoint, we would love to hear from you.

Your guest post could become an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals. Don’t miss this chance to make your voice heard – submit your guest post today!

Life is aware, the only website among them which will accept instant guest blogs and helps in link building. With its diverse range of topics, including personal development, health and wellness, technology, cryptocurrency,factual information and more, lifeisaware.com provides an opportunity for writers to connect with a wide audience and make a meaningful impact.

Guest Post Search Queries
  1. Mobile technology + “write for us”
  2. SEO + “write for us”
  3. Health + Write for Us + Guest Post
  4. Technology + “Write for Us” + Guest Post
  5. Instant Blog Posting Sites
  6. Free Guest Blog Posting Sites
  7. Crypto + “Write for Us”
  8. Crypto Guest Blogging
  9. Cryptocurrency Blogging
  10. Write for Us Crypto
  11. Write Article + “NFT”
  12. Submit a guest post + “Smartphones”
  13. NFT + Write for Us
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