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Some of you might have thought, “Blogging” isn’t as simple too. Is that true? 

Well here, I’m gonna share with you a way that lets you turn out Blogging.

I’ll share free Blogging Tools For Beginners all through the blog.

I went through disappointment during the time of blogging because traffic on my blog is low too. 

Although I bend over backwards hard to write content, the traffic wasn’t not reaching my blog in ages.

It is saying, when you’re deep in something, you’ll know everything wholly.  

Here I’m sharing a tool that I have experienced since the beginning.

Okay, Let’s ahead to pick the tool, without taking any further time.

Best Free Blogging Tools For Beginners

1. Canva

Free Blogging Tools For Beginners

To attract the visitors, and keen to increase chances of conversion whether in Social media, websites or email.

You have to focus on designing the templates, it will make your blog noticeable. There are many websites like Canva to design templates


If you have zero knowledge in designing or have never worked with Photoshop so far, then Canva will be the best option for you and as simple as pie in use. 

To get it free, I will recommend Canva, because it amplifies your blog header and post in taking a bit of time. Apart from that, Canva offers you well-designed images or video templates for social media and blogs in the free plan as well.

You might have observed in your promotion emails, the design or brand content of messages look attractive and catch your eyes. 

It is free to use and comes with both free and paid plans.

2. Pixlr Editor

Free Blogging Tools For Beginners

Photoshop isn’t a piece of cake for beginners to design, filter, blur, resize as well as it is expensive and complicated too.

In place of Photoshop, you can use Pixlr editor- a Free Online tool and alternate of Photoshop, no installation at all like in Photoshop. So use it whenever needed. 

After design from Canva, you can’t paste it directly on a webpage. Although Canva gives you a high-quality images format, images are lazy when you upload on your website. 

Let’s take an example if you have designed a high-quality PNG Format Image by Canva, the size of that image is 2 MB while your page size is 2 MB before loading an image. After adding images, your page will now become 4MB. As we’re aware, Google ranks the page that is small in size. Also mentioned that the size of the page should not be more than 3MB. 

You need to reduce the size of the image and also change the size of the pixel depending on where you upload.

3. GTMetrix

How do you check the size of your web page and decide to reduce it too?

Not only the size of the image matter in loading the page but also javascript, jquery, CSS affects your site performance. 

 GTmetrix analyses your page and generates information from where it should be worked on. So, you’ll find out the solution to make it for getting a better score. No doubt GTMetrix is the best free SEO tool for check the performance of the website.

4. Seobility

To check SEO Errors, measure to find strong and weak points, Keywords checker in your website. Seobility will be the free blogging tools for beginners to check all error occur in the website. You can go to the free version and crawl all the pages on your websites. It will help to let you meet with google ranks.

Seobility Features: 

  • Meta Data
  • Image Alt Text
  • Backlinks Checker
  • Structure Particular page(Headline, Description etc)
  • Content (Paragraph, Duplicate Content)
  • Link Analysis

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5. Grammarly

Do you find software that automatically corrects whatever you have typed? 

Then Grammarly is for you.

While typing, you might face the problem of grammatical, word correction errors. Grammarly will focus on your spelling, make the correction, and give you suggestions. you won’t have to focus on what you are typing? Just put your accelerated fingers on the keyboard or thumbs on the Grammarly keyboard (Android), further typed freely in a fast way.

6. Rank Math

How would you set or configure an SEO title, add a keyword, check content, count words for getting better optimization of your page in search engines?

In WordPress, the Rank Math plugin suggests you improve your grammar, sentence structure, reading level, and more.

Most of the bloggers have been using Yoast SEO nevertheless I prefer Rank Math. For WordPress, I’d say rank math be the Best free blogging tools for beginners. Unlike Rank Math, Redirection isn’t in the free version of Yoast SEO, or you can add only one keyword in Yoast SEO rather add Five in Rank Math. 

7. Catchy Title Headlines

To make your blog catchy in a search engine and get ranked on the search engine. You must be a focus on catchy headlines, make them attentive. It doesn’t matter whether your content is relevant or not.

You might be asked, “How do I write attentive headlines”?

I have some tools that suggest hundreds of title headlines for your blog, related to your niche or what content you write. Further, you will be getting organic traffic on your site.

Following are the tools that generate catchy headlines are:

8. Best Email Marketing

Send an Email is the best way to send an RSS Campaign thereby, your subscribers will get an email of what you updated on the blog. Today’s advertising is needed when you start a new business or beginner in blogging, so this free blogging tools for beginners will help. Send an email to your subscribers automatically through email marketing tools is quite good enough to do so.

9. Pexel

Images are an important part of blogging or business to engage visitors and customers to click respectively. Canva offers free templates nevertheless you have to need a copyright-free image for your websites.

To download high-quality free images, Pexel website might be the right choice. Here photographers upload their clicked photo which isn’t copyrighted so that you can free to use them. 

Following are the Pexel alternatives:

10. Google Doc

The use of Google Doc allows you to write, edit the document online or rather save automatically. Nowadays the people are also sending their work through Google Docs. It is as likely as Microsoft Office to create a document. Google Docs is a Free Blogging Tools For Beginners to save the blog posts.

The document will save for a lifetime unless deleting as well as you can access the document online. When you find to write a guest post, you might have seen the guidelines which mentioned the submit blog post through Google Doc.  

11. Google Forms

Google form will help to create surveys, contact us forms and quizzes online in order to collect and organize information. You don’t need to have a dynamic website, you can attach it to the static website. The forms data stores in Google drive so your collected data will be in the right place.

12. HootSuite

Sharing a post timely on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is quite difficult. 

Hootsuite will help to post on all social media accounts at a specific time you want. The feature is so-called post scheduling. Finally, the Hootsuite will be Free Blogging Tools For Beginners.

13. Keyword Planner

How is a website ranked in search engines? When you typed a search term or keywords on google, the resulting searches have also the same keyword you search on. That means the resulting website targeted the same keyword in their blog. Focus on keywords is a key role for SEO to get traffic or rank on Google. 

Most of the tools that offer, to find high as well as low volume keywords. Keyword Planner will help to find keywords and give you accurate data with deep information. You can trust the data because it is designed or a feature of google ads.

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Following are the alternatives:

14. Google Search Console

Search Console generates a report of website performance or rather checked errors through crawling pages.


  • Crawling Pages
  • Find Errors
  • Disallow links
  • Remove links from Search Engine

15. Moz

As I mentioned above, Moz helps you out in Keyword finding, check backlinks and check domain, page authority and spam score of websites too. All these features are necessary for successful SEO analysis. 

The High Domain authority website ranks up on search engines besides, a high spam score will prevent to increase in ranks. If your website’s spam score is high, it means your website has broken links or 404 bad requests. To check, you can use Moz Tool.

Before I head it out I just say that above mentioned free blogging tool for beginners will definitely help you. It is 100% safe to use as well as optimize your blog in search engines.

Because with unlimited blogs online, only the finest quality can lend you the first place. And several blogging tools can help you achieve it. Instead, You can join us to get updates regarding SEO, Digital Marketing, Blogging etc.

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