How You Can Earn money from home by Recharge


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Hello Friends,

We are at home, no one can go out of home because of lockdown. Nowadays we are free at home and want to work from home, earn money from home as well. Some days ago, Telecom companies launched a feature to earn money from home. You could earn by simply recharge your friend, family or neighbours mobile numbers in this tough time. After Recharge you will get a commission of recharge.

As Peoples who are using the offline mode to recharge plan of their phone are not able to go to the retailer. Meanwhile, Company offering to the customer’s to recharge those customers numbers who are not able to get in touch with the retailer.

In place of recharge, they will get commissions of recharge. This blog is about steps to get cashback by recharge family, friends and other mobile numbers. How to earn money by recharge phones.

Recently, Vodafone Idea launched a feature in which you can earn money from home by simply recharge, you will get a commission for it. However, This comes after Airtel introduced the ‘Earn From Home’ plan and JioPOS lite feature. But you need to install the MyVodafone or MyIdea app to earn money or cashback. 

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How much cashback we will get?

Vodafone Idea is offering up to 6% cashback on recharges done by an existing Vodafone or Idea customer for someone else. Vodafone said If you recharge someone’s number of Rs. 149, you will get Rs. 10 cashback and Rs. 20 on the Rs. 249 recharge. The cashback varies based on the recharge you would.

Jio offering 4.16% of the commission to the customers who recharge the other. The 6% Vodafone cashback offer is more than Jio and Airtel.

Airtel offers a 4% cashback by recharge family, friends Mobile number through Airtel app. The feature is known as “Earn from Home“.

Here You have noticed–Vodafone will give a high percentage of cashback or commission rather than Jio and Airtel to earn money from home.

How to earn money from home by recharge?

The subscribers of the Airtel and Vodafone Idea operator do not need to register separately or install another app as for Jio to earn this cashback. They just have to install the MyVodafone or MyIdea app to do recharge and get cashback later. Cashback will be credited to the account within 96 hours.

How to earn money with JioPOS?

Unlike Airtel and Vodafone Idea, Recharge of other Jio customers to get cashback is not quite easy. Although you have to install a separate app to recharge customers Numbers.

earn money from home

Following steps for Jio subscribers:

  • Download the JioPOS Lite for Android

  • Enter your Jio mobile number and Email ID and submit

  •  Load money into your wallet

  • Recharge Jio numbers, start earning commission (4.16% or Rs. 4.16 for every Rs. 100)

  • Earnings dashboards let you monitor your daily earnings.

Hope you would get how to earn money from home by simply recharging friends, neighbours mobile numbers.

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