5 Data Cleansing Solutions to Generate More Leads


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The most common goal for any business is to reach people and multiply revenues. 

Is this that much easier? 

Certainly, it’s not that easy. You need to have information, or contact details of your customers to reach them. This is a digital era, wherein you cannot expect a massive footfall in your store or office. Digital data can make it all easier and more convenient.  

Nearly 67% of businesses depend on Customer Relationship Management data for more leads & growth. Unfortunately, 94% of B2B companies have unhealthy databases. 

Are you one of them? 

Data cleansing or cleaning can help you out. (Have you tried it yet?)

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Why does it matter to your business?

Let’s get started to figure out why data cleaning can help to have more leads. 

There are 3Cs that you should be aware of. It expands for “Current, Clean, and Compliant”, which is very much effective in terms of drawing fresh and valid contact details. Certainly, these details can help you to contact your customers. Needless to say, with the right & verified piece of information, the possibility to have more & authentic B2B & B2C leads is more.   

So, the question is how to clean it up. 

A proven cleanup strategy can save your day and let you figure out more convertible leads in no time. 

So, here is the way! 

Data Cleansing Solutions, Tips & Practices

This cleansing refers to a complete process that involves multiple sub-processes to make your database hygienic. This processing may involve but is not limited to uploading via data migration, data scanning, capture, extraction, conversion, quality analysis, de-duplication, error-removals, and appending datasets.   

  • Develop a Data Quality Plan

Planning can let you foresee what is likely to happen. So, start with discovering what you expect for your information. If you cannot think, take the help of professionals involved in data cleansing from UK or any country with affordable solutions.

Draft key performance indicators (KPIs) to define what these are, and how they can help in monitoring the hygiene of your datasets. With this information, you can easily introduce benchmark quality and 99.9% accuracy.  

Also, figure out where most data quality suffers. Fix it with accurate information. Now, find out the cause of that problem, which can be unstructured details, duplicity, typos, etc. Sometimes, data migration may disfigure the entire data file if it’s not a PDF or image file. Likewise, there are many root causes that you need to figure out. Then, finding a solution will be easy. 

So, prepare a plan to maintain data hygiene.  

  • Refine Contact Data at the Point of Entry

The Point of Entry is the very point where any details enter from. This is the very point in your CRM where verification can bring big relief to you. Ensure that the entire information is well-structured and standardized at the entry point in your database. This will let you update the new data entry from Australia or some other locations on servers. 

This tip helps in two ways. First, the database remains duplicity & clutter-free and second thing is that you won’t see further complexity due to missed details or obsolete data.  

For strategizing this thing, you should prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) & define the entire workflow prior. So, focus on quality right at the point of entry. 

  • Verify the Accuracy of Your Data

Validating what details you have in your CRM or database is necessary. 

Besides manual methods, there are some tools available for cleansing email IDs, contact details, PIN Codes, and social media profiles. Integrate the right-fit cleansing tool with manual data, social media profiles, or email verification. 

Once done, high-quality records would be there in your hand to seamlessly integrate with your digital marketing campaigns. 

  • Find & Filter Duplicates

Duplicate entries can push to bear a big loss. Besides bad data, your server space may exhaust. It is just because the duplicates, which are redundant entries, occupy the storage, making it challenging to maintain them at a high cost. 

These dupes may also overburden your marketing budget because you would get results from the original contact details. And, duplicate IDs won’t generate any business. This may end up in bad campaigning, which also leads to inaccurate reporting. In addition, bad data may also harm your reputation.

So, do everything in your knowledge to avoid data dupes. Do take care of the health of your records, validate them, and scrub for removing duplicates.

  • Append Relevant Data

Data appending refers to adding new information into your database. Certainly, you would have some datasets in your CRM repository in the form of customers’ contact details like email IDs, first and last names, and more.

What if your database does not have complete customers’ records? 

This will create a white space problem, which is related to incomplete contact or any other details of customers. So, what’s the catch! 

Here appears appending in a big role. 

There are some outsourcing companies that can help you to capture that missing link directly from the first party. LinkedIn does it, where corporate sector information is accurate & authentically availed by users themselves. 

You may use some software also to automatically clean and compile the data. So, you would have complete information, which can let you draw effective and feasible business intelligence to convert leads. Your decisions would be more feasible and strategy can be extremely beneficial for your business.  


Data cleansing requires some best tips to remove inconsistencies, dupes, and other errors in no time. It requires a proper strategy to clean and prepare data for leads, especially your CRM database. This is where contact details, phone numbers, and email IDs are shared by the customers themselves. So, cleansing them is essential.

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