How Curefit Online is Helping India Get Healthy?


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“One very important thing that Curefit online and Cult want to do is make fitness interesting, make it your playground so that you enjoy it, you look forward to coming back and working out,” he added. “Because if it is boring, if it’s something you’re not enjoying, you may probably end up doing it for a month; after that, you’ll slowly start dropping out, and that’s what happens everywhere.”

CureFit online



Mukesh co-founded Curefit, with Ankit Nagori in 2016. A fitness and wellbeing start-up, Curefit has under its umbrella eat. fit,, and care. fit offering digital and offline experiences in health and fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. has raised over $170 million in its first two years of operations. Moreover, it also has raised $145 million in a funding round led by food delivery company Zomato Ltd.

Now Indian health app renamed to

Cult Membership :

A three-month Cult membership costs Rs 9,000 and offers access to unlimited classes at any of the centres. There’s also a more flexible, albeit costlier, option to pay Rs 300 per class. In both cases, the first week is free for new users, and everyone has to book their sessions with a click of a button on Cult’s website or via the Curefit app, which was launched earlier this year.

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There was an increasing demand among millennials for healthy and nutritious food over restaurant food, especially on working days. This sparked the idea for, under their fitness and wellness startup, is an online food delivery service focussing on healthy food.

Eat fit_CureFit online


“Our menu primarily consists of the most popular, favourite and homely dishes that span Indian, fusion food, salads, and snacks. They are low in calories and carbs and have a high protein to keep you full for longer,”

We especially liked the surprise superfood box that comes with each order, a small pack of salted almonds or caramelized walnuts for that extra kick of energy.

Curefit online sampled the Indian box, which had Chana Masala, Paneer Korma, and rotis. Even though Indian curries are usually on the heavier side, ensures that’s not the case with their guidelines. They have many rules in their kitchen about keeping their food healthy. “We only use skimmed milk and never cream or butter in our gravies. There is no refined sugar in our kitchen at all, only natural sweeteners such as jaggery or honey.

Their research declared that food is nutritious when had within 90 minutes of preparation, so their meals, packaged in biodegradable material, are only served in Koramangala and HSR Layout, in pockets that are three kilometres from their kitchens. Whitefield and Indira Nagar are next in the pipeline.

At online, we make fitness fun and easy. We have best in class trainers and offer group workouts ranging from yoga to Boxing. Our workouts can be done both at a Cult. fit centre and at home with the help of doing it yourself (DIY) workout videos. uses the best in technology to give you a world-class experience. You can book classes, follow workout videos – all with the click of a button from the app or download by google play store. It is the best health and fitness app of India.

Mind. fit          

In today’s stressful world, mind. fit gives you a place to de-stress and find a connection between your mind and body that will help you reach your overall wellness goals. 

CureFit online


Highly demanding jobs and lengthy college assignments can leave you feeling mentally and physically drained. What you need is a place that is quiet and peaceful to rejuvenate your mind while also attaining physical fitness. App

Members of cult. fit will also get access to the online sessions for free, including the live classes and live recipes by Curefit app. Cult. live allows customers to workout at home in a variety of formats, including in dance fitness, strength and conditioning, boxing, yoga, HIIT and more, and was made free to everyone.

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