10 Advantages of Hiring Digital Marketing Agency


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Do you prefer to manage your own digital marketing or work with a digital marketing agency? It’s a vital issue for any business owner to think about but there’s no definitive answer. In reality, we’ve found that a mixture of both can be the most effective solution. Employing a digital marketing agency to collaborate with your own in-house marketing team could be the most efficient way to maximize the marketing spending budget.

The choice between an internal or external marketing team may appear like a losing battle. It’s actually something of a spectrum and the best mix of external and internal marketing will differ for each business. It’s normal to have a mix of both. The 2017 Creative Industries in-House report indicates that more than two-thirds of the in-house teams collaborate with outside agencies.

We’ve created an outline of reasons why employing an agency could be beneficial, particularly for businesses that are small to medium-sized that are looking to complement an internal marketer.

1. Broader Skillset

The most important reason businesses decide to partner with a digital marketing company or hire digital marketing is the fact that they receive an entire team of highly skilled professional experts working on their project at much less than what it would cost to create the same team on their own. 

The majority of small companies do not have enough tasks to justify hiring a full-time programmer or SEO specialist as well as an all-time manager of social media accounts. But, the majority of companies could benefit from the expertise of each. A partnership with an agency can bring these skills and more to the table without cost. The wide range of expertise at your available also makes it simpler to broaden your marketing options.

2. Expertise

There are not only more individuals with various abilities in the agency but the people who are employed by them typically have more range of knowledge. Agents are usually specialists in one particular field which means that your company can benefit from the competitive environment where agencies are hiring professionals. In-house marketing professionals often adjust to become an expert in all areas to fulfill all of your company’s requirements. 

The agencies invest a lot of time and resources in training employees and making sure they are at the forefront of their field of expertise. In addition, the environment of teamwork within the agency promotes constant growth and improvement.

3. Cost

It’s generally less expensive to collaborate with an agency than to employ a full internal team. However, your total costs will vary depending on what you’re looking to achieve with your company and the amount you’re hoping to achieve. External and internal marketing can be significant investments. An in-house team needs a substantial overhead, such as the cost of salaries as well as benefits and office space, as well as tools, equipment, and much more.

A third-party agency could be one of the most significant budget items on the marketing budget and as such, it is a prime option for renegotiations and cuts. If you think about it the digital marketing agency is typically the most affordable option for high-quality marketing. For the same amount as two or three full-time positions, you have access to an entire team of specialists across many different areas of marketing.

A hybrid strategy can allow you to benefit from lower-cost internal creative assistance on a full-time basis and also gain the flexibility and diversification of skills of a digital marketing agency as required.

4. Lower Commitment

Hiring digital marketing is much less of a commitment than hiring an entire internal team. The company doesn’t have to worry about the process of recruiting or interviewing, onboarding, or other costly and time-consuming tasks associated with the hiring of a new employee. 

Marketing agencies are much easier to recruit and terminate than an employee in-house (or at the very least that’s what they ought to be) It is easier to find a great match between an agency and the employees in-house. Communication and trust are the keys to an effective agency partnership as finding an agent with whom you can establish this relationship are crucial.

5. Productivity

When you collaborate with an agency, 100 percent of your money is put towards the creation of the deliverables. The marketing budget is used on benefits, equipment, continuing training, PTO, etc.

The agencies are also driven by efficiency. The management of multiple accounts implies that they have a procedure in place which allows them to create top-quality work that is in line with the deadlines as well as budgets. In general, they can accomplish this type of task accomplished faster than an internal team that may be working on this for the very first time.

6. Accountability

The major challenge facing internal marketers is to prove ROI. Agencies are driven by results and, therefore, need to ensure they collect precise, relevant information to inform the marketing plan. Reporting is a vital component of strengthening the relationship and is essential for making educated decisions in the future. 

The ability to provide meaningful data is beneficial for each digital marketing company and your company. It demonstrates the mutual commitment to your success. The agencies are accountable to their clients. It’s another method they’ve gotten developed into a science.

7. Larger Network & Access to Advanced Tools

Collaboration with multiple clients can create an expansive network of vendors and channels which can create partnerships that can benefit your business as well. Agents also gain access to an array of instruments and tools that aren’t appropriate for just one business or are restricted to professionals in the industry. Apart from forming relationships through partnerships, agencies frequently present their work and get included in publications that will give your company more exposure.

8. Stability

In addition to the gap in skill, one of the major problems that teams working in-house confront is the issue of employee turnover. Marketing staff is especially susceptible to burnout when they work in an internal setting for a single company for a short period of time, and their ability to think creatively can slow. In the end, the majority of junior to mid-level marketers leave every two to three years.

 When an employee quits there are not just expenses for recruiting fees, interviews and training costs to consider as well as the workload that is placed on your staff members in-house while they search for a replacement. It could result at the end of your marketing efforts. By partnering with an agency you can be sure that your marketing plan will continue to be successfully executed every month.

9. Scalability & Flexibility

To increase production overall from an internal team, you’ll have to recruit more employees or hire contractors. Working together with an online marketing company allows your business the ability to boost engagement (or reduce it) depending on the need. If you’re planning to start a new site it is possible to quickly increase the time taken by the agency to design it. When the website is up and running you can assign that time to other aspects of your marketing campaign.

10. Creativity & Objectivity

One of the most significant benefits that working with an agency is its creativity and impartiality. In-house marketing operations can result in a lack of focus and tunnel vision. Digital marketing agencies aren’t affected by internal biases or preconceived notions, so it’s simpler to communicate an effective message to the intended audience. 

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Internal teams typically have an extensive understanding that they are able to convey too much information but the essence isn’t understood by the public. An objective perspective can help sort through the abysmal information while remaining grounded enough to be able to clearly communicate to the world outside.

evident that there are numerous benefits when you have a digital marketing agency In Jaipur for digital marketing work alongside your internal marketing team. We’ve found that these partnerships are most effective when the product you end up with is an expression of the expertise of your team in the business and our experience in the development and execution of effective online marketing strategies.

If you’re looking to explore an agency-in-house partnership with us with Brevity, let’s get in contact.

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