6 Best Exercise Equipment for Hand Arthritis


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Arthritis and stiffness have become common problems nowadays, especially among elderly people.

Even a sedentary lifestyle along with wrong food habits cause arthritis early age. Now arthritis has become the most common orthopaedic problem

Famous Physiotherapist Dr Lisa Folden said that the best way to beat arthritis is by staying active. Adequate strength with mobility can significantly alleviate the intensity of arthritis and eliminate stiffness.

When we’re talking about arthritis, we must mention hand arthritis and its consequences.

Hand weakness, finger rigidity, and arthritis are common problems among women because of a lack of nutrition, heavy-loaded household chores, and low bone mineral density.  However, early-stage hand arthritis can be treated with medication and hand exercise

In this article, we’re going to talk about a few very popular hand exercise equipment that really ensures results through consistent usage

Let’s talk about them in brief

Best Exercise Equipment for Hand Arthritis

GRM Hand grip strengthener

First, we choose a great hand therapy equipment known as GRM Hand grip strengthener. It is our top pick just because with it one can do their daily hand strengthening exercise. It improves finger joint health and restores the range of motion of fingers. It is designed specifically for patients with hand injuries, wrist pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is an adjustable piece of equipment that limits up to 132 pounds in resistance and offers an excellent counting grip. It not only increases your grip strength, but it also comes with a finger exerciser, hand grip resistance ring, stress release ball, and finger stretcher. It is a complete package of hand therapy that targets every part of your hand.

Therapy putty

Therapy putty is a simple yet engaging hand therapy equipment. Children love to play with it for no reason. However, older people are also going to like it. Squeezing and playing with therapeutic putty is highly satisfying because it enforces users to engage their whole hands along with thumb and fingers that in turn increases the dexterity level.

Therapy putty comes in multiple colours. The colour coding signifies the resistance level of the putty. Putty ranges from soft to firm, therefore one can gradually boost their grasping ability along with strengthening finger joints.

Therapy putty should be made up of non-toxic, latex-free, odourless material. Generally, putty is made up of silicone, therefore, squeezing, and stretching will be very easy.

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Wrist strength; Paradox hand grip strengthener

The Paradox hand grip strengthener is specially designed for wrist flexibility. It is a kind of stress ball which is ergonomically designed to best fit in the hand, and palm, and perfectly train all of your fingers and thumb.

It comes with multiple resistance progressions such as 15 kg-25kg-30 kg which allows users to isolate a particular area of the hand and offer special attention to their wrist.

Stress ball/ squeeze ball

It is a supreme quality hand therapy ball for releasing your hand stress, boosting your grasping ability, and increasing your dexterity. Most hand therapists recommend a stress ball to arthritis patients to develop their range of motion. A stress ball is made up of silicone or non-stick fabric that has a tear resistance core. You can comfortably grasp the ball and squeeze. Squeezing a stress ball is the easiest way to alleviate arthritis symptoms. It not only releases physical stress but also relaxes your mind. You can consider it the best exercise equipment for arthritis.

Thumb & finger exerciser

If you’re going through finger pain and fatigue, then it could be a great way to use finger exercises, it is made up of rubber bands. It is not fancy exercise equipment but is super effective to strengthen your finger. Now it has proven to be an essential asset in hand therapy. It alleviates pain in finger joints which is a very common symptom of arthritis and significantly reduces the holding capacity. Exercise with rubber band finger exercises strengthen your finger joints, increase flexibility, and therefore boost dexterity.

PNRSKter hand grip strengthener

It comes with a combination of hand gripper and finger exerciser, most suitable for a person who is suffering from hand arthritis and looking for a solution to tone and strengthen their hand muscles. Athletes who have overused their gripping muscles often suffer from muscle fatigue because they forgot to expand their muscles as well. The finger exercise helps you to release finger muscles by stretching and expanding your fingers.

Now what to look for before buying hand exercise equipment specifically for arthritis

Comfort: Do not buy exercise equipment that causes discomfort to your hands. It must be sweatproof and comfortable to touch. Check the material before buying

Travel: The product should be portable, and lightweight. Arthritis patients must use lightweight devices because they are easy to carry and lift. So make sure your device easily fits into your carry bag or handbag.

Check the resistance level: Choose a hand squeeze exercise tool according to your present resistance ability, and grasping power, along with the objectives. Because resistance may cause injury pain fatigue.

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