Upcoming 5 Web Development Trends in 2022


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The upcoming year, 2022 is approaching Web Development Trends and it seems like it will also be characterized by the digital transformation and swift and speedy development of technologies that it is set to bring along. Trend tracking and determination after the analysis of the digital market can also be the most important aspects of the web development industry.

According to a survey, companies are all set to excel on the digital front from their respective competitors by making planned digital investments in the upcoming year.

They are also ready to take help from developers belonging to their field like e-commerce companies are ready to hire professional E-commerce Software Developers to give a wonderful experience to their users and grow their business.

These days, companies tend to invest large amounts of money and resources in improving their digital front according to the top web development trends. They tend to make helpful, easy to use and progressive web apps and web design to aid their consumer’s experience while interacting with their product or service.

Upcoming Web Development Trends

1. Going Serverless

This trend is one of the main development trends which helps people provide the development services to build applications and websites without coping servers. It helps the programmers to construct a serverless architecture of the website which helps in crossing out the need of allocation of servers and clusters, the important resources, maintenance of the operating system, etc.

2. Usage of Containers

As going serverless is gaining popularity with each passing day, the use of containers is getting into excess demand. A survey forecasted that with the upcoming year, most of the companies will go serverless and would be running containerized websites and mobile applications.

Containers are an incredible find and are known for their lightness, quickness and smoothness in working, and the quality to run and work at a high level of extraction. It is a normal software that is used to build an application packed with all its important requirements to run and operate smoothly like its application code, libraries, settings, etc.

3. Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a famous Web Development trends on its own. The growing use of virtual assistants, smart speakers, voice assistants, etc. marks the most prominent upcoming web development trend. With changing times, people are relying more and more on technology, chatbots and AI technology. They are getting into this habit because they tend to have these around them almost all the time.

For example, switching off/on the lights of their houses with the help of talking assistants like Alexa and in-built technologies into them. They tend to talk more to the virtual assistants on their phones like Siri, Bixby and Google Assistant to do the small tasks on their devices like calling or texting someone, asking something from Google, asking them to open some application on your device, etc.

AI helps developers and programmers to expand the horizons of their web applications by helping them to use chatbots to provide 24/7 consumer support to their users. This can help their users to interact with their product or service very easily and they would experience something new.

4. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are such applications and websites that allow the company’s users to open their website using the browser of their mobile devices and adapt itself to the size of the device. Companies are also investing their money in the development of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) which load almost 10 times faster than the non-AMP pages. Thus, the page’s loading speed is increased.

According to a survey, companies that will start using this technology by the upcoming year will be able to build a loyal customer base. They can improve their consumers’ loyalty by offering them safe, convenient and easy access to the content of their website or application irrespective of the device they are using.

5. WebAssembly

WebAssembly is the most important trend of the year 2022. This is a promising and latest web development trend that can easily provide numerous advantages to web app developers and programmers. Usually, developers take the help of JavaScript the build the framework of their applications but JavaScript, being a complex and tough software, affects the speed and smooth working of the platform.

All this hinders the promotion of the business because customer satisfaction is affected negatively because of the delays in loading content and other issues that they might face. This problem can be solved by the developers and programmers by using web assembly and other machine learning tools that help them generate code using any programming language.

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Impact of Web App Development Trends

Positive Impact

There will be an excess demand for virtual assistants (VA), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the upcoming year which will lead to an increment of scope in the web development world. The mobile user-friendly website can aid the process of getting the right indexing from the search engines.

Companies and web app developers and programmers can consolidate artificial intelligence (AI) into the company’s website and mobile applications to expand its functionality and operational systems.

Various firms are investing in Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) for their respective companies so that their users can view their content and websites on any smart device that they have or might be using at that time.

The companies will be able to cut costs and reduce their budgets because they can shift to serverless applications and websites which run across various platforms with the help of containers. They can switch to a cloud framework which further helps the developers to eliminate the need for technical support every now and then and also, make the servers more adaptable and scalable.

Generation of codes will become easier for web app developers and data programmers by the use of WebAssembly and other machine learning tools. JavaScript programming language might be famous in the upcoming year but coders and programmers will be able to write code in any programming language using bytecode, etc.

Many analysers also say that in 2022 all the attention will be concentrated on Angular, React, Node.js and Vue.js. All of them are very popular in their jurisdiction but it is believed that Vue.js might become more popular in the web development market.

Negative Impact

The approach of building serverless architecture might be great for prototyping or small applications that won’t require any expansion or enhancement in future but it doesn’t sound like a great choice for other reasons.

The transition from serverless to containers or Application Programming Interface (API) will be very complex, tough and expensive for small companies and start-ups. Motion UI cannot be a trend because it is just a library and collection that helps to generate code for specific animations, graphics and transitions. It is a very easy to use tool that saves some of the code generation time.

Also, blockchain technology might be useful for the certificate authentication checks but it is immaterial to the web app development market. Internet of Things (IoT) is a collective term for all the objects that have in-built electronics to transmit data to the server via the internet. Therefore, web development can be done for IoT devices but IoT devices cannot be used for web development processes.

Also, Virtual Reality might be a current trend but it is not coming to the web development world anytime soon because of the heavy and expensive equipment that is required at the user’s side. The Virtual Reality (VR) equipment and tools should always show excellent and huge performance so that live rendering can take place.

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are not a trend instead they are a standard that has been there in the web development market for over a decade. These web applications are capable of updating the content and information shown on their page without refreshing it.


In the upcoming year, 2022, it is expected to see smart, quick, smooth and device-friendly websites and mobile applications that will be scalable, adaptable, easily usable and user-friendly. They might be serverless and containerized along with having a collection of Progressive Web Application (PWA) technologies and applied WebAssembly tools.

All these trends will enrich and enhance the user experience and consumer interaction with your product or service which will further lead to improved consumer loyalty and an incredible consumer base for the firm or company.

Also, by following these latest web app development trends, companies can improve their web application ranking and open new markets for their services and products.

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