5 Easy Ways For Beginners To Make Money Online


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Today, I have something that will make you Richy Rich sitting at your home.

Make Money has always been a Cup of Tea whether from doing a job or business. 

Well, both steps are not being talked about.

I only recommend products, tools and learning resources I’ve personally used and believe in.

I won’t share the way to get the money that will let you make a drop in the bucket or tell you to marry money.

I would like to share easy tips that will let you make big bucks and your pocket won’t stop.

Now, You might be thinking “How”?


How will I fill my pocket myself?

I’m Student, How will I Earn Money online?

Alright, it’s too much.

Now without keeping longer here…

Let’s move further. 

Most people think Make Money Online is all about making a fool of someone.

Believe me, Buddy! You’ll earn without investing or putting your money into someone.

Only you have to keep there till the end.

Obviously, you don’t want to wait and invest money at all.

Okay, Without keeping you here. Let’s jump for Money Heist.

Ways to Make Money From Home

1. Go Along With Survey

No need to invest your pocket Money, you just have to fill out some survey forms.

Make money online

On most of the websites, you might see ways to make money from home by Survey.

Not all the websites are legit.

Some will waste your time and Trust me, you’ll get nothing from them.

I’ll share a pure, reliable and legit website that won’t require elbow grease to do. But again this may be the best option to make money online.

“GOOGLE”, we blindly trust, when we use its products. But here, I am talking about “Google Opinion Rewards”.

Make money online

Have you heard?

It developed as a name mention initially, launched as a survey mobile app for Android and iOS. Whenever you open an app, you might be asked by google for a survey. The survey is not always received, you’ll get notification of the survey frequently. It will be notified to you.

 Also, Have to wait for a survey.

“How much will I earn rewards”? You might ask.

You will receive up to $1.00 per survey completed. Google rewards surveys based on, you recently visited the place, what you search on google search, use of any Google services. The survey won’t take up your time. The more honestly you answer questions, the more valuable your opinion is, and hence, you may receive more surveys.

However, Your rewards would only be used in Google Play.

Sounds tuneless!

Next to Grabpoints.

Unlike Google rewards, you can move your money to your PayPal account. 

The grabpoint is a pretty good and trustable site to make money online. Points will be added to each survey.

Consequently, you can convert your points into money. 

You can not only earn cash from Grabpoints but you get gifts also.

Rewards are shown themselves, you must open a website and find surveys in your account. The tap research is popular surveys in Grabpoints in which you will definitely earn 7 points at least. In addition to that, you will also get Gift rewards.

Remember! You may feel like an Elephant in the Room.

2. Affiliate Marketing

I bet you’ll definitely have heard about that way of make money from home. If not, carry on then.

You’ll Make a killing throughout your sleep make money online.

Make money online

What actually Affiliate Marketing?

Whenever you promote the product, you’ll be rewarded. You don’t need to sell a product. Despite this, You just have to hype the product on social media, friends, family and website(Optional, if you haven’t).

For instance, If you find a smartphone on Amazon and its price is 12,000. The commission that smartphones have been kept 6 per cent. Furthermore, if you share an affiliate link of the same smartphone with your friends. Ultimately, You will get paid of Rs 720. 

Sounds Good! Right.

Someone who has a website and does blogging is earning money from Affiliate Marketing too. Large bucks in their account are being added by affiliate marketing to make money online.

Not dime’s worth, but a coining it. 

How did I earn from the Affiliates Campaign?

Before we dive in, let’s take it apart.

I always begin with my experience.


When I started blogging, I myself didn’t know what Affiliate Marketing is? 

Then after I search on Google…How I Make money online by Affiliate Marketing?

I had gone deeper into it, After that, I found Amazon Affiliates to make money online from it, on Google Search. Then After I created an account and share it with my friends and in Life is Aware also. 

Surprisingly, I had gained more than 100s click on Affiliates links.

Okay, let come to the Affiliates program after a short digression. 

 From Where I’ll get an Affiliate Program? What Should do?


Click to here

Create an Account

Fill application Form (PAN CARD, ADDRESS etc)

Create Amazon Affiliates Links of the product(want to share)

Share Links with friends, promote it on Websites

Finally, Get Paid.

 You can share your affiliate links with friends and ask them to buy a product. Thereby, Your friends buy from your affiliate links. The commission of your share product will be added. 

Start with something which you love, start with that product whose sales page resonates with you the most, then it will be easy.


You might have noticed, Youtubers said usually “You can Buy from description box, or I’ll mention, so you’ll get that product”.

This may be a better job for you. Although, you can also discover other E-commerce rather than Amazon Affiliations.

Many online companies or domain services also offer an affiliate program.

But Again, Amazon won’t disappoint you.

You would have to be patient and frequently work on them. 

If you can’t wait.

Go to EarnKaro

Unlike Amazon Affiliates, You can Earn Money with Earnkaro affiliate by sharing products or you can buy yourself from the same link. In contrast, Amazon evaded doing that.

You can select any product from the Earnkaro website or just copy any link from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc and make profit links. By sharing these profit links or affiliate links of products you can earn money. 

How To Make Profit Links On Earnkaro & Make Money Online?

  1. Just Copy the links of any product from EarnKaro listed sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.
  2.  Past it in the Make Link section of Earnkaro website
  3. You’ll get Profit Link
  4. Share your Profit Link with a friend, and you can also buy from the same link

You have to wait for a couple of days unless your product tracks and confirms profit to withdraw.


If you can also build a blog and share your affiliates link as well. You can start a successful blog on just about any topic imaginable. 

You can start with your niche topic, if you don’t know what the niche is, it all means it is your unique topic that you have knowledge of and can write thoroughly.

Are you looking for How to start blogging?

Comment Below

I’ll share it.

3. Freelancer: Work From Anywhere

Make money online

This is the best way to earn a passive income without being away from home. You don’t need to go out, you’ll earn it all by spending time with your laptop & PC. 

In Freelancer, a small number of your rewards will be commissioned to freelancing sites. If you receive $50 from clients, freelancing sites will be charged $10. Your Final price will be $40. 

The Freelancing websites will let you the opportunity to earn passive income.

If you are an expert in Web Designing, Content Writing, logo design, social media templates content writing, story writing and have a specialized skill of Microsoft excel, presentation etc. Then Freelancing websites for you. 

Moreover, you can also create your own portfolio and gigs in freelancing platforms to earn money online.

Most of the clients are searching for designing logos, social media stories, templates design, youtube thumbnail etc.

There are many websites to design youtube thumbnail flyers, social media stories, posts, websites templates and videos as well. So that you can learn and serve for Upwork, freelance websites.

Sounds good, right? It is.

But, Wait

Which Freelancer platform is best?

Perhaps, You’ll be thinking.

I should say UPWORK might be a great option for you. You can set up a profile fairly quickly and charge an hourly rate or have a set price for your set project. 

But you have to wait until your account is approved.

After Approval You’ll receive connects (Upwork Points ), that are used at the time of submitting a proposal for jobs. 

In the beginning, 60 connects will be received from you. On completion of Job projects, connects or points added to your account.

The user interface of Upwork is quite pretty, well rather than Guru.com, Freelancer.com

 This is basically a gig oriented site. If you are looking forward to posting gigs, this can be a perfect platform for you but if you are looking for big projects, this isn’t the right place to explore.

If you are good at content writing then ProBlogger will be the best choice for you as a freelancer.

Before starting.

Ask yourself “What skill do I have”?

 Because in Freelancer, you must have the skill to do tasks, a piece of complete knowledge in your niche.

Once you have been chosen and get a customer rating. Then after that, you will be able to earn a lot of money.

4. Sell Photos Online

Make money online

Do you have a Camera Smartphone? Could you take a perfect shot?

Are you interested in Photography? 

Want to earn big bucks? 

Well, I said earlier you must keep patience because it’s not a piece of cake.

You might be on the Right Path.

Selling photos online is becoming a trend on google. Not only Photographers come to that platform but people who haven’t specialized in photography.

But don’t even know which websites let me sell my captured photos?

Don’t be worried. I’ll share either.

Shutterstock, you must have heard about it. It is the best place to down copyright-free free images and you’ll get millions of stock images too.

But what about Earning?


Once you upload photos. Some sites will continue reviewing all your submissions. If they approved it. You will become a site contributor. Further, you begin to make money.

Also, it protects your ownership and markets your brand.

Alamy is another great platform on which to sell stock photos because it doesn’t have any hard and fast rules.

Snapped4u makes selling your event photos a piece of cake. 

If you’re good at clicking photos of weddings, parties, engagements or other events, Snapped4u is convenient to make your pocket thicker.

The best thing in selling photos and reasons why people (those who are willing to make money) move to that platform area it doesn’t require any special training and a website to get started as well.

5. Youtube

Lastly, Youtube.

Make money online

Now, all know about it. Whenever someone addresses you to make money online, you might have thought on “Youtube”.

It may be a great option for you.

But I always said, “Hold your Horses”.

What would, if you attain plenty of Viewers?

By applying Google Adsense You’ll gain an arm and a leg from it.

Content writing and blogging might take a couple of years to drive traffic. Instead, You should have a domain name and host for building your own blog website while on youtube, there is no such kind of.

  • Create a video yourself
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Upload videos
  • Start monetising

Unlike Blogging, Neither you have to pay for the domain nor invest money elsewhere.

Other options during these days are Earn Money by Recharge.

Okay, I need to head out.

If you have any money-spinner, Let me know (in the comments below).

Thanks for reaching here. Hope you might have got all.

Shubham Nema
Shubham Nemahttp://lifeisaware.com/
Shubham Nema, the visionary behind Lifeisaware.com, has a deep passion for learning and a genuine curiosity about the world. With his expertise in health, nutrition, and technology, he strives to offer well-researched content that helps readers make informed decisions and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.


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