4 Benefits of Retro Running Styles?


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Retro running is also known as reverse running or backward running and it’s most famous in Japan and also in Europe. Japanese practice backwards running as a part of their workout. With increased utilization of oxygen. Here you will know the benefits of retro running.

Running also makes you fit much stronger. There are tremendous benefits of retro running. Some of these benefits include improved body posture, our foot muscles also get strengthened, and there is a lower risk of strains on your knees. Besides that, your joints, and bones are also getting much stronger.

If you want to enhance muscular endurance and increase the aerobic volume you can definitely start practising retro running. Before you hit the gym, make sure you have suitable gym attire for any type of workout. Born tough workout clothes are classy, sweat-wicking, and are suitably designed for your workout.

In retro running your head and shoulders are moved at a particular side so that you may have full focus on the road and have control over your exercise, while you are running your lower limb is parallel to the ground.

During retro running you may face visual obstruction, the speed is restricted and you may undergo the rigidness in your neck too. You can prevent yourself from the injury of falling by practising the exercise of pulling yourself backwards with the help of your arms like crab walk or axes.

Some recent studies have also shown that retro running helps you in burning more calories, and also it makes your lower limb muscles stronger.

There are various benefits of retro running in the backward position. Some of these benefits include the following

Benefits of Retro Running

#1. Greater muscle strength

When you start practising retro running your calf muscles, quadriceps, and also your hamstring muscles start getting stronger when you achieve muscular strength. Besides that, if you are an athlete or a sportsman you must need to have suitable gym attire. Born tough gym workout clothes are super comfortable, durable, and are available at a cheap price with the best quality.

#2. Fun and excitement

Other benefits of retro running. Running in a straight, forward covering several miles daily can be monotonous and you may feel bored sometimes. So, when you start running in the backward style you may feel something interesting in your workout. The boredom will vanish when your focus will be on your retro running.

#3. Increasing your cardiovascular endurance

Once you practice retro running daily your cardiovascular health improves. Along with that, there will be a better supply of oxygen in your muscles. Along with that, you must get some carbohydrates and proteins before and after your workout. The backward running also tones up your muscles and makes you faster as well.

#4. Weight loss

You can reduce your weight in a remarkable way when you start practising retro running. Through various research, you will get benefits of retro running, it has been revealed that by retro running you can burn 30 per cent more calories as compared to forward running. It triggers stubborn fats too and also extinguishes your appetite as well. 

Retro running style

As with today’s runners, there are various styles that you can adopt to look super cool. Some of these styles I am discussing below.

Wearing watches

Mechanical watches are extremely useful gadgets that help to monitor the heart rate and also they keep the runner updated about the weather, and about the tracking on GPS.

Usage of wool

Wool is eco-friendly, sweat-wicking, and due to its lightweight nature wool has been used for hundreds of years. Nowadays many athletes are using wool for their gear instead of other synthetic materials.

Wearing compression socks

You might be thinking why to wear compression socks while running. So most athletes wear tall socks or running socks because compression socks promote blood circulation and also increase blood flow, and also they are not accepting the previous gym socks because according to research compression socks your performance also gets improved. Also during your long-running workout sessions, compression socks do not hurt.

Wearing waistbands and fanny packs

Most of the runners wear waistbands, in order to burn fat. Waistbands are efficient in trimming stubborn fats which are accumulated around your stomach. Similarly, nowadays most athletes also use fanny packs, (that are also called bump packs) because they are easy to handle, and you can also keep your mobile phone, keys, or other accessories in them. If you are sick and tired of holding up these accessories in your hand or pocket, fanny packs could be the good choice which you should opt for.

Running shorts

Running shorts are compressed, breathable, and moisture-wicking too. Before selecting these shorts make sure they are lightweight also. Running shorts should fit so perfectly that they should also offer great flexibility. Some of them also have side pockets along with the zippers, that are meant to carry your valuables, for example, keys, mobiles, and other belongings. 

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