15 Minutes Extreme Boxing Workouts


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When we think about boxing workouts, most people think about hours of extreme workouts that require a great deal of practice. Most of the movies and TV series based on boxers over exaggerate the workout that is done by boxers. This is done mostly because they want to show how much work is done by the boxer to reach the championship.

However, in real life, most people do not have enough time unless they are professionals and have nothing else to do. Due to these common misconceptions about boxing, most people do not take boxing seriously. They feel if they want to opt for boxing workouts or even boxing as a profession they might have to work too hard. You will be relieved to know that your discipline is the only thing that will help you become a professional from an immature boxer.

If you are determined and you know the drill, it will take you just 15 minutes to start your boxing workout. Most beginners find it hard to get into the boxing form which is the main reason you might see people complaining about the overall hectic routine.

With the help of this article, we will mention how you can easily design your own boxing routine along with a simple 15 minutes workout routine for a boxer that will help you stay fit. To motivate you for better boxing workouts, we will also mention some of the benefits of boxing.

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How to Divide the Session?

For the workout session, you need to keep one thing in mind, your session cannot just solely consist of hardcore boxing and punching workouts. You need to divide it so that you can start with some warm-up. This will help you get ready and prevent injury as well. Overall, a warm-up session is good for getting ready.

The second phase of the workout will consist of some hardcore exercises that can include punching and footwork-based exercises. To complete it off, you need something that can help you relax, bring down the heartbeat and improve your mental health. One of the most important things about this phase is that it helps with strategy-making which is a vital part of the game.

Where to Start?

Starting a boxing session on your own without any help is only possible if you know about all major exercises and their use. Most people do not get ready for the exercise and either looks for weight-based exercises or they usually do not know where to start.

The best thing is that you can start with a basic boxing class where you can learn how a class starts and all the basic protocols as well. This will just help you set the pace and you will learn how to customize according to your weakness and where you need to improve.

Boxing workouts

15 Minutes Simple Workout Plan

Warm-Up Session

This session will only take 4 minutes and you do not need any heavy equipment for this. There are three main cardio-based exercises that you can add to the warm-up session. This will include rope skipping, high knee, and running. All these exercises are leg-based but they will help you engage your core as well. With rope skipping, you will need rope and since you are going to move that rope, you will be using your arms as well.

Exercise Session

Within the exercise session, you are going to take around 8 minutes and the best way is to design it in the form of a HIIT based workout plan where you can enjoy a few seconds of rest. This will not only be much more effective but also helps you to burn more calories.

For this session, you will need boxing gloves, a punching bag along a speed punching bag. All these things are important because without proper gloves you might end up hurting yourself. Most people recommend a heavy bag workout as well, but you can use that on alternative days.

Cool Down Session

For the cool own session, it is better to start a simple meditation along with some muscle relaxing therapy. With the help of a good meditation session of around five minutes, you will be able to introspect which is an ideal thing for mental health.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the division of your boxing workouts. You can start with the simple warm-up exercise of your choice but for the basic exercise, you need to divide the time. You can start with the extreme punching combinations but then you also need to work on your footwork. It is better to divide this on the basis of weekdays.

However, most people try to mix and match so that they do not feel that exercise is monotonous. It is better to use one exercise for footwork and two to three exercises for punching. However, strategy making is another very important phase so adding mediation will help you read your opponent. Without all these perspectives you might end up struggling with the practice.

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